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Beginners guide to doing weeklies (Rift)

Beginners guide to doing weeklies

You are level 60 and you heard you need infinity stones? That is correct, to get a full epic sigil you will need to spend 9200×6=55200 Infinity Stones. If you upgrade two to relic quality you will need an additional 18400. Obviously you also want the relic cloak that costs 12300 infinity stones. All together this will set you back 85900 Infinity Stones! A good way to grind infinity stones, is by completing the three weekly quests.

Preparation 1: Getting the portals

Before you can start doing weeklies make sure you have unlocked all portals in the Dendrome. If you do not have them, you will not be able to keep up with the group. For a new player it is easy to get confused and therefore get lost!

Also make sure you have several recalls on your hotbar. If you have spend some points in Planar Attuement you will have some at your spellbook (P)>Ascended power. Examples are: Teleport to Droughtlands, Teleport to Moonshade, Teleport to Stonefield, Teleport to Ember isle, etc.


Preparation 2: Getting the quests

If you are lucky people will share the quests with you. However this is not something you can rely on. Quests can only be shared within the same sub-party of a raid so you are dependent on 4 others having the quests. Furthermore there is a share cooldown preventing you from quickly sharing 5 quests!


The most important quest are Predator in the Shadows, The Kaaz’Ra and Eternal guardian of the Venefic Locus. All of these are obtained from Lady Nessie located in Hailol, The Dendrome.

If you enter the Hailol portal just follow the road north and you will find Lady Nessie around where the player is on the map.








Lady Nessie looks like a little dog:

lady nessie

All quests will reward the player with 450 Infinity stones and a Dendrome cache cointaining +- 340 slayer marks. With patron this will increase to 630 and 476.

Additional quests

Big bad Bugs

big bad bug quest rift

The Daily Quest Big Bad Bugs can be obtained in Hailol at “The Green Fearie”. It requires you to kill 20 Architects inside the Hyve. This happens to be the location of Kaaz Ra so take it :). Take the quest to earn 180 infinity stones and 3,82 platinum.

big bad bugs

Extermination: Kaaz’Icht, Kaaz’Ektrif and Kaaz’Krrch

extermination kaaz ekt rift daily

The hyve contains 3 mini bosses that all have to be killed in order to summon Kaaz’Ra for the weekly quest. One of these 3 bosses will be the daily quest. The quest can be found on top of the hill at Solicitice Tower. It is obtained from  Alaric.

Take the quest to earn 180 infinity stones and 3,82 platinum.

kaaz icht location

Finding a group

These weekly quests cannot be completed alone. In fact you will need at least 3 or more full raids to attempt them. A raid full raid has 20 players… You could try do do it with 2 raids but it will take very long!

To find a group make sure you subscribe to all the largest level 60 chats. Do this by typing:

/join Level 60 @Gelidra
/join Level 60 @Typheria
/join Level 60 @Zaviel

Especially on wednesday you will see players posting “LFM [The Kaaz’Ra]” meaning they are looking for more players. Whisp these players and request an invite.

Alternatively you can ask for a group in the different channels: “LFG weeklies The Kaaz’Ra, Predator in the Shadows, Arkane”.


  • Pressing the up arrow you will repeat your last message sent. Therefore you can spam in the different channels without having to re-type.
  • Open your questlog, open the chat window and shift click on the quest. It will be linked in the chat!

Top yellow circle=Kaaz’Ra (The Kaaz’Ra)
Left yellow circle=Arkhane (Eternal guardian of the Venefic Locus)
Right yellow circle=Senbora (Predator in the Shadows)


For information regarding the specific bosses please proceed to the next article!

(Link will follow here)

Thanks for reading this article, if you have any additional questions feel free to post them in the comments.