CB-6000 is the ideal choice for men who actually want to orgasm while using it. It’s made of comfortable, medical-grade polycarbonate that is designed for prolonged use. It has only 0.5 inches of room for your testicles to rest, meaning that your balls will feel some constriction as well. Another unique feature is its open-ended front area meant for teasing the head and easier cleaning. A Chastity or Cock Cage is a BDSM device typically used in S&M or Dom/Sub (dominant/submissive) relationships. The cage itself is worn around the shaft and head of the penis – it’s held in place either by a waist harness or testicle ring (ouch!).

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  • Wearing this kind of chastity tube allows you to train your mind and body because it balances the feeling of scarcity and abundance all at the same time!
  • PA Lock can be used in combination with your cage-style chastity device, or as a standalone lock.
  • I wear a business suit every day with a chastity device underneath.
  • It is easy to wear, does not pinch, and does not show under clothing.

This is something I first experienced with my Cherry Keeper cage, which works similarly. Since the cage does little more than cover the head of the penis, I think it’s realistically a one-size-fits-all proposition, and most any guy could wear this device without problems. My husband discovered Chastity devices about 10 years ago or about 5 years after becoming cuckold. He brought up the subject of wearing a chastity device.

I like affordable chastity devices that do the job well, and this is just one of them. The ring size you choose will be much more based on the diameter of your penis. Bigger sex toys diameter means you need a bigger ring size. Raycity Male Chastity Cage has three different ring sizes. You can choose the ring size that’s most comfortable for you. This is another high-quality chastity device from Master Series.

The Short And Solitary Extreme Confinement Cage

He wants to be teased and turned on and denied orgasm. Walk around in your underwear/naked – I love doing this when he’s locked up. I actually like to wear a pair of boyshort panties and then go braless while in a tight top or something cropped. I like to arouse him as soon as he’s locked, too.

Would You Wear A Male Chastity Belt?

Before I get into that though, I just want to say a few words about devices and belts in general because there seems to be some considerable confusion about them. Chastity device in stainless stell with integrated prins albert rod and integrated locking system. The finish on my device is referred to by the manufacturer as “Processed plastic,” which is best described as something like the exterior texture of an eggshell. The company also offers “Premium plastic,” which they say still has a slight texture, but is glossier and slipperier, meaning the skin will glide across it with less resistance. In only a little over a week, the Cherry Keeper arrived in my mailbox. I found the design familiar, much like that of other ball-trapping devices I’ve worn, so there was no learning curve necessary.

Male Chastity Belt

Other sissies like the look of an open cage design, like the one like the photo below. If you want to stay under integrity, you can use one of these devices and get many benefits. In the market, you can find some devices that are safer than others.

Following on from the previous story of how I started my journey in the lifestyle of male chastity. Not long after starting this journey I started a work contract that involved regular flying so I purchased a CB6000. Wow this was the most uncomfortable device I ever tried but I thought it would allow me to travel and not worry about detection or frisking. I wore it once on a flight and was trapped in this uncomfortable thing for four hours. As soon as I got to my motel room I switched back to the Fort. This light plastic tube was trying to spin upside down with me in it.

Silicone cock cages are less intimidating and restrictive, so they are perfect starting out on your submissive journey. Resin cages are heavier than silicone but are less daunting than a full-on stainless steel cage. Experiment with what feels good, or even try out different cages for different occasions. Chastity cages, also know as male chastity devices, are a great way of spicing up your sex life. They open up the wonderful world of orgasm denial and domination.

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You don’t need a key-holder, merely having their penis locked up is enough stimulation for some men. Keeping their cock safe, locked away, and under control is a huge turn on for many men and their partners. A chastity cage consists of two main parts – a ring which sits behind the testicles, and a tube or cage that entirely covers the penis and is small enough to prevent a full erection. The cage will have ventilation holes and a slit at the end for urination. This allows you to wear it overnight, to work, or out shopping without worrying about peeing your pants.

While it may sound simplistic, stereotypical, and maybe even a bit primal, the truth is the typical male is always looking for his next orgasm. That is part of the appeal many of us guys find in submitting to having our dicks locked in a chastity device and giving control of our orgasms to someone else. The fact that the male sex drive is so strong is why it is often so important that we perceive the chastity device as being impenetrable.

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