It comes with a metal hanger and a squirrel proof bird feeder pole to mount your feeder on. This eliminates the need to buy whatever accessory you need however way you want to install it. If you intend to feed small to medium sized birds without providing access to squirrels, the Droll Yankee Whipper is an amiable choice. Much like other squirrel-proof feeders, this one is also weight activated. This feeder has four feeding ports and four metal perches for the birds to rest upon.

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Second, I love that you can refill it without having to dismantle the feeder. Mounting it on a pole means it is within your level upon refill. A pole of about 7.5 feet long will make sure you are either standing or tiptoeing a bit but nothing hard.

  • S-hooks are available from hardware stores, garden centers, and birding supply stores, and are available in different thicknesses, curvatures, and lengths.
  • They’re good bird feeders but slightly less well-built than the Droll Yankees models.
  • Suet feeders attract a variety of woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, jays, and starlings.
  • So a tube or hopper feeder that can be filled with a bird seed mix would be best as opposed to a specialized feeder, such as thistle or sunflower seeds only or cardinal feeders.
  • Note that tray feeders offer limited protection against rain and snow.
  • Use four parts water to one part white sugar; boil it for 1 to 2 minutes.

The whole feeder is only 8 inches tall, so it’s not big enough to accommodate larger birds like Blue Jays, but small finches will be able to perch on vitamix comparisons the lip of its tray. This bird feeder has two hooks, as well as a food and water tray, and it clamps to the railing of your balcony. The cage closes over the feeding ports when a squirrel climbs on the feeder, preventing them from eating seeds. Regarding preference by the birds, tray bird feeders attract the highest bird diversity than other feeders. Platform/tray feeders can hold any bird food, including birdseed, fruit, peanuts in a shell, mealworms, and any other item one would want to offer to birds. Some tray feeders have a bottom made of wire netting or plastic screen to prevent water accumulation and filter residues.

Copper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Hopper bird feeders are the right choice for beginner bird enthusiasts. When placed at the right spot in your yard, one can enjoy the birds from the comfort of your own home. The hopper feeder design above, indicating the parts of a hopper bird feeder, can be built using simple instructions and inexpensive materials. There are several types of hopper bird feeders, all of which use the same idea of having a container that dispenses birdseed into a tray or platform. Most if not all hopper feeders use transparent plexiglass sheets that show the type and amount of birdseed.

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Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder Review – Here is an in-depth review of one of the best-selling squirrel-free bird feeders that really works and outwits even the slyest squirrels. Platform Feeders – This type of feeder is the most non-specific type of feeder and will attract many different types of birds, big and small. Steel Magnum Sunflower Bird Feeder feeds songbirds their favorite type of seed with plenty of room for all on its large capacity mesh feeder. Platform Covered Bird Feeder is a 12″x12″ long lasting red cedar wood plastic covered platform that gives open access to a great variety of birds. This includes both the plastic cover above and red cedar Platform Bird Feeder below.

As always, take a few minutes to see if there’s something you can recycle! Other options would be an old lid, metal plate or old charger, a plastic plant saucer and anything else with this similar size. Instead of investing a lot of money in this rather small garden feature, I decided to try to “hack” the feeder by adding a few simple things!

Fill the mesh with birdseed, place the bowl on top, and suspend on a tree branch. Place the 11 x 6-inch strip on the ground and apply wood glue all around the edges. Richard is the founder and the chief editor of Outside Pursuits. Passionate about the great outdoors, Richard spends much of his time in Colorado enjoying skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, cycling, hiking, and camping. When at home in Florida, he is most often found in the water. He loves water sports such as paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Since pole feeders are typically more difficult to fill, you’ll be happy that this Woodlink feeder holds 12 pounds of seed. Made of green powder-coated metal, the feeder is double-sided to accommodate a whole flock of birds. The feeder comes with a zinc-plated steel hanger and mounting hardware for a 5-foot sectional black powder-coated metal pole, so you have options for installation. Squirrels have front teeth strong enough to crack nuts and gnaw through wood. Now that you’ve got an idea of the kind of bird feeder that’s right for your space, you’re ready to go!

This type of bird feeder has the advantage that the feeder does not need to be turned upside down to be refilled and which results in less nectar wasted by spilling. The traditional top-fill hummingbird feeders are one of the most popular types. While bird feeders are popular, the correct bird feeder pole might just save the day. While options on where to hang bird feeders are endless, using a bird feeder pole to hang specific bird feeders is a great idea.

Tube Bird Feeders

The cups are then glued to a rod, buried in the ground. So your cups won’t break if you arrange them this way, and they’ll surely attract a lot of hungry birds too. It’s made out of simply cut plywood, and has a deck to it. It has a small roof to it, and it’s suspended to the glass window with rubber suction cups.

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