Bride program, traditionally represented in the anthropology literature as that service plan rendered by bride’s father to the bride’s family as part of the dowry or perhaps bride selling price, has been depicted through anthropological articles as a great often harsh minster-ministerly minsterly ritual. Star of the event service in numerous areas of the world is symbolized by this symbolic price paid by the father of the bride to the new bride. It is usually the price many closely associated with the bride; as being a mark of respect for the woman, it often includes an exchange of goods or services. The bride’s daddy is usually not a part of any economic network, the bride’s family might be involved in. The bride’s daddy is seen as an old man who may have responsibility meant for his daughter’s welfare and desires. The bride’s dad is usually not an respected figure in the family, but the older brother or perhaps uncle who would like the bride’s concours and helps her economically and physically through her future husband.

In certain societies woman services involve no payment of money for the bride’s loved ones, but rather a dowry provided by a friend or relative for the bride’s friends and family for the bride. The dowry could be used to purchase a dowry maid or possibly a dowry lady, or may well simply be a symbol of camaraderie which implies the bride’s relation to a further woman. In other societies star of the event prices will be paid by bride’s households to the bride’s groom to complete wedding contract. In the Islamic countries star of the event prices are paid by the bride’s young families to the groom’s families while payment with regard to their services during the wedding ceremony. In some other societies bride price are paid by both the bride and the groom’s families to complete the marriage contract.

Some of these payment systems of bride providers in anthropological and sociological literatures show traditional value arrangements for a bride, which often can vary drastically from one place to the next. Sometimes, the payment system is based on the landed asset of one woman to the husband’s; sometimes the bride does not have any dowry to provide and the groom makes up the groups by offering items or other designs of payment. This variation of the traditional bridewealth system further more enables the bride to engage freely right into a married state without having to meet cultural norms that content a bride to her family.

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