Stuck on a mission in Tropico 5? Want to know which Mission is next? GameplayInside presents an overview of all Tropico 5 campaign missions.

I started recording objectives at mission 4 and screenshots at missions 12. All missions were played on default settings (Economic difficulty: Medium, Political difficulty: Medium, Disasters: Occasional). Feel free to ask for tips in the comments. Good luck!

Tropico 5 Campaign Part 1: Mission 1 to 8

1 Mission: A new dawn – Win your independence (updated)

New to Tropico 5? If you need additional help during this mission please checkout the complete guide: Tropico 5 guide: How to survive the colonial era and declare independence.

It’s time to choose your first island. My choice is Cayo de Fortuna. Now that is out of the way Loard Oaksworth will inform you that you have been appointed as Governor. You are able to rule the island for 4 years, after that it is game over. Luckily you can complete tasks to extend your mandate. With this additional time you can eventually break free from the Crown. There are a LOT of quests during the first mission, probably to help new players get used to the game.

The Cotton plantation is the big money maker. Other profitable buildings are the Banana and Tobacco plantation, 2x Logging Camp, 2x Ranch Pigs, 2x Mine Iron. Two docks and two teamster offices were enough.

I recommend using 4 Guard Towers and 3 Military Forts. That way you can declare independence without much effort and minimize losses.

Royal Commendation rewards:

  • Treasury subsidy +$5000 (greedy)
  • Personal gift +$5000 Swiss Bank (useless)
  • Additional mandate Extension +12 months mandate (recommended)
  • Fresh colonists +10 citizens (when you are ready for independence)

Revolutionary support rewards:

  • Import new revolutionaries (+3 educated citizens)
  • New trade routes with the Smugglers
  • +$2000


  • Growing Money: Build one Plantation (Sugar): +6 months mandate
  • License to trade: Buy a platinum, silver or Dutch license
  • The Great Thinking: Build a library: receive more tasks
  • Cash Yield: Export 3500 Sugar: +6 months mandate
  • You are Cordially Invited: Declare Independence: Win the mission
  • Stand Alone Complex: Have $15.000 : 12 revolutionaries will arrive
  • New Heir?: Get new dynasty member
  • Human Resources: Build 5 new Country Houses: 5 managers will immigrate
  • The Trivial Things: $10.000 treasury or $10.000 Swiss Bank
  • Healthy Competition: Pay $5000, Pay $10.000 for +12 months mandate, don’t pay for -30 relations
  • Homeland Security: Build 2 new Guard towers
  • Problem solving: Have a new Plantation (Tobacco): +6 months mandate
  • By popular Opinion: Have a Catholic Mission: +revolutionary support
  • Give me More: Export 3000 tobacco: +6 months mandate (5years, 2 months at this point)
  • Hire a manager in a Catholic Mission: +revolutionary support
  • Untamed Wilds: Send an expedition to explore the island: +$2000 (order from palace)
  • Four Walls and a roof: Build cheap homes (revolutionary support) or Expensive homes (+6 months mandate)
  • Rapture: Send half (+revolutionary support), send original (+6 mandate), send double (+12 months mandate)
  • Wild-Eared Marsupial: Name it His Royal Majesty (+6 mandate, + support) or Dynasty name (+$2000)
  • Insult the King: Insult the King (unknown) Refuse (riots)
  • Animal Contest (result of previous unknown): -5 months mandate
  • There Goes The Neighbourhood: choose +6 mandate, $4500 or $2500 swiss bank
  • Armed To the Teeth: Issue Right To Arms Edict: Revolutionary support
  • Give and Take: several Royalists have been killed
  • Homeland Security: Have 8 Guard Towers: +revolutionary support
  • Good Job: Increase job happiness above 45: +revolutionary support
  • Shady Contacts: Initiate any export trade route: +revolutionary support

2 Mission: Special relationship – Export raw resources while dealing with unexpected taxes

You restart on a new Island. No worries, next mission you will return to your first! The Crown will provide you with quests. After a while there will be “taxes”. Lower the taxes by completing more quests. Most demands are sensible. For example building a ranch is not problematic; it is a nice investment.

3  Mission: We will endure

Survive the invasion. If you did not build a decent army then make sure to quick build at least two Military Forts. You might want to increase their budget to maximum because in Tropico 5 this will ensure the job slots get filled.

3B Mission: When peace fails

Isla Rojo is planning to attack your island! You can try to defeat them or extend the timer with several quests. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Have 5 Guard Towers: Delay the invasion by 18 months
  • Have 2 army bases: Delay the invasion by 24 months
  • Export 5000 rum: Delay the invasion by 18 months
  • Export 5000 logs: free army base

4 Mission: Get Zweinstein – Amass an insane amount of money in your Swiss Bank Account

Getting $50.000 in your Swiss bank account can be quite hard. Make sure the Building Permit edict is active. This will increase construction cost by 20% and transfer 50% of this amount into your Swiss bank accounts. During the mission several quests will provide you with $5000 in your Swiss bank account. There is no time limit.

5 Mission: Paranoia – Attract tourists while paying annual contributions

After completing some objectives Leon Kane will be killed. To make matters worse; You are the prime suspect. As punishment a large portion of your treasury will be confiscated at the end of each year. In order to find the perpetrator you must attract 256 tourists. The game assists you by providing you with several objectives. It might be smart to plan around them.

  • Build 5 cabins: Free entertainment building
  • Build 10 gardens: 4% less will be taken from the Treasury.
  • Economy hotel: $10.000
  • Build a Luxury Entertainment building: 2% less will be taken from the Treasury.

6 Mission: M.A.D. – Become a Nuclear Power before you run out of time

You will have 24 months research most of the Cold War tech tree and construct a Nuclear ?. You will receive some quests that are impossible to complete at first. For example you cannot export Uranium without researching more techs. No worries, at 12 months you will be able to postpone for 24 months at a cost of $5000 Swiss money. You can do this twice. Observatories do not work at sea level so construct two colleges and upgrade them so they generate 273 Research Points each.

7 Mission: Day Zero – Export uranium while dealing with numerous problems

  • Export 20.000 Uranium to win the mission.

Eco terrorists will continuously cause strikes.  At the end of the mission you will be asked to destroy your Uranium mines (why would be a spoiler).

8 Mission: Back To The Past – Research key technology before you run out of time.

To prevent the coming Apocalypse Abraham Zweinstein is working on a time machine. First you will have to chose between constructing a Vehicle factory, 4 Metro stations or a Fashion company. The next objective is to generate 100 research points in 20 years. You can speed this up with a few quests.

  • Generate 1120 power: Increase Time Machine development progress
  • Export 1500 uranium: Increase Time Machine development progress
  • Build 6 new guard towers: Required to NOT lose.