It has been a while since I have posted about Gameplay Inside’s updates.

Personally I have been very busy with our web hosting devision and getting ready. However do not worry, everything over at GameplayInside is still maintained quite nicely.


We (Hostdeko) updated our server with support for PHP 7.0, which is 40% quicker than the previously used PHP 5.5. That means faster page loads for you and lower cpu loads for us.We also took the chance to switch to a better caching plugin that allows us to serve our pages more efficiently. We also moved more objects into the CDN which will benefit our international visitors.

  • Update to PHP 7.0 (40% quicker)
  • New caching plugin (up to 300% quicker)
  • More objects in CDN (content distribution network)

New Partnerships

GameplayInside is now an approved partner of Paradox Interactive, meaning it will be easier for us to create reviews and guides for Paradox games and DLC.


Double menu

We ran out of room to while trying to display all the games we wanted to display. Therefore we have added a secondary menu for the featured games.


Table of Contents and page breaks

A big innovation has been the introduction of actual pagebreak with page title support. This is a feature we developed for and applied to GameplayInside. Rather than having “page 1” and “page 2” we can now use actual titles. Now splitting up long posts makes much more sense.



Obviously there have been some design tweaks. Most of these were required to improve our ad revenue whilst at the same time keep our page not too cluttery. But I will limit this post to the biggest changes.

New header

We made our logo smaller to make room for the new Hostdeko banner, additionally we removed the social row with  twitter/facebook/googleplus.


New Footer

We are now proudly displaying our latest website,, in our footer.


New Ads

GameplayInside has a lot of visitors which means it is costly to keep the website as fast as it is. Since we do not directly sell any products on GameplayInside we are completely dependent on advertisement revenue. Basically the more ad revenue, the more time can be spend on writing and developing for GameplayInside.

GameplayInside recommends gaming on the following hardware

We decided it would be nice to select the best gaming components for our readers. I have personally handpicked these components and recommended them because they can be considered “best in class”. Obviously more expensive hardware can still be better, but these products offer good value for money and superior quality. I have personally tested most of the first 8 recommendations, including the Kingston  HyoerX Fury DDR4 2400 Mhz memory (8GB), Asrock Z170 Pro4, Seagate SSHD (2 TB), Samung 850 EVO (500GB) and Be Quiet Silent Base 800.



Amazon CPM Ads

We have joined the Amazon CPM Ad program. Therefore about 35-40% of the time you will now be served Amazon CPM Ads instead of Google Ads.

Mid-post Ads

We also added an advertisement every 7th (or center) paragraph on long posts.


If you have any suggestions then feel  free to let us known in the comments or through our contact form.