Tropico 5’s Waterborne DLC


Tropico 5’s first expansion pack is here; Waterborne! The Waterborne DLC comes with a ton of new buildings and a campaign that spans 6 missions.

Are you stuck somewhere or are you interested in their objectives? GameplayInside presents an overview of all Waterborne DLC missions.

Waterborne DLC missions

Waterborne  mission 1: Treasure Hunt – Explore the depths of the Caribbean Sea in search of a mystic treasure

At the start of the mission you will be presented with two missions:

  • Build 3 Oyster farms: +12 months mandate
  • Build one Logging camp: +6 months mandate

Start with constructing a Logging camp. Completing objectives will trigger a royal commendation that allows you to choose between +5000 treasury, +5000 Swiss bank, +12 months mandate or +10 citizens. At this point 50% of the 98 Tropicans is unemployed and you still have 4years+ on your mandate so treasury makes the most sense.

Don’t forget to construct a Tavern, Catholic Missionary and Grocery to keep your population happy. Now start working on your economy. I recommend a second logging camp for some additional jobs. Also keep an eye on the number of stockpiled goods, you probably need a second teamster soon. Another plantation is also a good idea. Keep expanding your economy and build the 3 Oyster farms.

Oyster farm’s have to be constructed near the coast on special deposits. Small boats will travel to and from your dock, no teamsters required!

Continue to unlock the following quests:

  • Export 5000 Pearls: +12 months mandate
  • Import 9999 resources to find the black pearl
  • (Optional) Build 2 smuggler’s docks: Unlock special trade routes
  • Pirates: 3 pirate bands will attack Tropico in 18 months

The new building “Smuggler’s Docks” will provide a 10% bonus to everything that is imported. So if you start a trade route that imports 3000 coal the smugglers will bring in 300 coal.  Completing the quest will trigger a pirate invasion in 18 months. Just build a few guard towers and a military fort.

Once you have imported 9999 resources you have won the mission (even if you did not declare independence).

A basic town is sufficient to win this map: 4 plantations, 2 logging camps, 3 docks, 3 oyster farms provide with sufficient economy. The population is serviced by a Catholic Missionary, Grocery, 2x Opera House and a Tavern.

Optional quests to that give a Royal Commendation on completion:

  • Build one Logging camp (+6 months mandate)
  • Export 5000 logs (+6 months mandate)
  • Research Planks technology (+6 months mandate)
  • New lumber mill (+6 months mandate)
  • Export 10.000 planks: Choose to lower prices by 20% (+6 months mandate now and 6 on completion), do not change prices (+6 months mandate on completion), increase prices by 20% (increase revolutionary support)

Waterborne mission 2: How Deep Is The Ocean? – Attempt to sell black pearl and see what happens.

This mission will force you to move to a new island. So before you can even consider following the main story line you will have to build up your economy. Luckily you start with over $35.000 treasury. Remember that you because you are in the in the World War era you can issue Sovereign Debt (edict) to borrow $10.000. I recommend constructing the following:

  • 2 lumber mills
  • 2 cotton plantations
  • Church, Clinic, Grocery, Tavern
  • Tenement

Soon you will encounter the optional quest line that will ask you to construct a fishing trawler. It is recommended to do this since the mission will revolve around exporting fish. I also ended up constructing an Opera House and a police station early on. This will increase your popular support to 70%.

The new fishing trawler is essential in this mission. It must be constructed on a fish deposit near the coast. It will automatically relocate when the fish deposit is (temporarily) depleted.

Main quest line:

  • Shady business: Praise allies or axis: +$20.000 treasury (wait with this it will trigger more)
  • Done deal: Wait for the deal to complete
  • Narwhals, Narwhals: Ship was attacked, need to fight depression to continue
  • Have 2 fishing trawlers: +20 military respect
  • Catch All the Fish: Export 100.000 Fish and Canned Goods to win the mission
  • Sea race: Win the mission before the competition exports 100.00 fish

Once you are settled in it is time to research White flag so you can construct an embassy. You will get a nice cash reward. However be careful not to trigger the final objective too soon because it will start the Sea Race which basically implements a time limit.

This modest island runs on a Textile Mill, Steel Mill, Cigar Factory, Rum Distillery and 6 plantations.

Sea race quest line:

  • Sea wolves: Effect of fishing trawlers reduced by half: complete a legation task>effectiveness restored and competition set back with 5000.
  • Perfect chum: Choose a base material for the ultimate fish bait, corn milk or rum.
  • A Fishing trip: Export 30.000 corn: Effectiveness of all fishing trawlers is increased
  • Modernize all: pay 30.000 to increase effectiveness of all trawlers (+25)

Side quests:

  • Have a fishing trawler: 25 citizens will migrate to the island
  • Export 3000 fish: 10.000 treasury
  • Export 10.000 fruit: +20 Allies relation
  • Export 3000 canned goods: +25 citizens
  • Build 2 barracks: 5000 treasury
  • Build a new cannery: 2 profitable trade routes for fish and canned goods.

Depression Quest line: Choose between

  • More foreign trade (effect unknown to me)
  • More government spending (choose Urban development and industrialization edict to receive a 10% building cost reduction for 5 years)
  • Military solution (effects unknown to me)

Waterborne DLC: Mission 3 – Turn Up The  Heat – Find a way to slow how quickly the ocean drains.

In this mission our objective is to reach 500 degrees Penultimo in order to win the mission. You will lose if it reaches a negative value or if you fail to meet the time requirement. I choose to go back to the first island that was coming from the colonial era so I had a lot of work to do!

To speed things up I recommend to borrow 30.000 using the sovereign debt edict. Now activate Urban development (-50% construction cost of housing) and Industrialization (-50% cost of industries).

I used the money to construct a new city center with 6 apartment buildings, a grocery, church, cabaret, police station and circus. To boost the economy I constructed two steel mills, 2 additional docks and a teamster’s office. Start importing coal and iron and if necessary construct mines.

The island from mission 1 has been greatly expanded to accommodate a population of 591 Tropicans whilst achieving an approval rate of 96%. The island features 8 teamster offices and 8 docks to facilitate the industry. Industry is very diverse: 2 Steel Mill, 3 Jewelry Workshop, 1 oil refinery , 1 vehicle factory, 1 pharmaceutical company and 1 rum distillery.

Main quests:

  • Build a factory: +75 degrees Penultimo
  • Export 10.000 banana’s: +75 degrees Penultimo
  • Build 3 factory farms: +75 degrees Penultimo
  • Have a nuclear power plant: +150 degrees Penultimo
  • Build a new power plant: +75 degrees Penultimo
  • Inferior cars: Build a vehicle factory : +100 degrees Penultimo
  • Export 10.000 rum: +75 degrees Penultimo
  • 2 new factory farms: +75 degrees Penultimo
  • New factory: +75 degrees Penultimo
  • New economy hotel: +75 degrees Penultimo

The Big freeze:

Now that the World War has ended the Europeans use less violence which has, according to Lord Aoksworth, lowered the heat and created a cold snap. The Big Freezes causes your progression to slowly decline. To stop this you will have to complete the following 3 quests:

  • Export 10.000 oil: 5 degrees Penultimo and big freeze progression
  • Banish 3 crime lords: 5 degrees and big freeze progression
  • Export 10.000 pharmaceuticals: European cold snap will end

Side Quest:

  • Export 1000 uranium to receive 10 capitalist relations and the peaceful atom technology.
  • Canned by the UN: Stop the deal OR export as canned goods

I chose stop as I had no interest in a canned goods factory.

Waterborne DLC: Mission 4 – Terror From The Deep – Fight an invincible foe in an epic battle for the possession of the black pearl.

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