Tropico 5 Campaign Part 2: Mission 9 to 15

We are now well on our way through the campaign. I started writing this as a guide in progress. Somewhere along the way I decided that I would not only write down objectives. After mission 12 I have also included a screenshot of my Islands’s layout that led to victory. I hope you will enjoy this second part.

9 Mission: The Pirate King – export large amounts of Gold at a low price

The game puts you back in the Colonial era on Isla Rojo or Puerto Coco. Isla Rojo contained 4 gold mines in the east on my map. You will encounter the following quests.

  • Export 5000 gold (gold price lowered)
  • Build a lighthouse (gold price restored)
  • Export 10000 gold
  • Export 20000 gold: Win the mission

When I got the final objective it was 1914 and I had already proclaimed independence. So keep in mind that you can proclaim independence before you finish the mission. This might be smart so you do not run out of “mandate” time.

10 Mission: Through The Looking-Glass  – Export raw resources before you run out of time

You are attempting to change time. You will have 10 years to compete against Caya de Furtona and Boa-Bao.

  • Export 100.000 resources in 10 years
  • Make it rain: gain $10.000 treasury (awarded randomly, and after completing quests)
  • Have 3 docks: 30 illiterate colonists
  • Have 5 mansions: 5 managers
  • Round One – Fight: Chose between export quota or prices (unknown effect)

11 Mission: Get-rich-quick  – Amass Treasury while exploiting unique opportunities

  • Have $1.000.000 in your treasury: Win the mission
  • Use investments to earn interest
  • Have 6 doctors: Extremely profitable meat trade routes and $20.000

The following map design resulted in 2.5 million in 30-60 minutes. Tropico 3 Mission 12 Get-rich-quick. In 30-60 minutes you can get around the 2.5 million this map design resulted in. Overview:

  • 6 docks
  • 1 drydock
  • 5 plantations
  • 2 colleges
  • 2 high schools
  • 2 rum distillery
  • 6 pig ranches
  • 3 lumbermill

12 Mission: The Dogs Of War – Build the largest military in the Caribbean

Our goal here is to assemble an invasion force. For this purpose 50% of your military will join this force, meaning they will leave your island. Your goal is to gather 100 military units. There will be some missions that allow you to regain the population you lost:

  • Build 2 new military buildings: 40 people will immigrate to your island
  • Have 2 different industries: Steel Mill technology
  • Have 3 docks: 50 people will immigrate to your island.

There will also be random events

  • Bombed!: Build a new police station to prevent future bombings
  • Volcanic eruption (upgrade police stations to include fire brigade)

I recommend that you first start with modernizing your island. Construct a Rum Distillery and a Textile Mill. This will complete a quest giving you access to a free steel mill. When both factories are filled with workers construct a steel mill. Don’t forget to setup the appropriate mines and or trade routes. With the 3 industry buildings in place your income is enough to support 2 barracks and 2 army bases. This will eventually result in winning the map. Keep in mind that you have just entered a new era. So this means you should demolish your old service buildings and replace them. Build Churches, Police stations, Restaurants, Groceries, etc. Tropico 5 mission13 The dogs of war. For this mission you need to build the largest military of the Caribbean.

13 Mission: Leon Must Die – Attract enough tourists before you run out of time

According to Penultimo every one in a hundred tourists is a cold blooded killer. We can use these to take out Leon Kane. Therefore our objective is to have 400 tourists. This objective is cumulative so you do not need 400 tourists on your island simultaneously. During the game the following missions will boost your Tourism rating

  • Have a national park: 20 tourism rating and 15 standing with the environmentalists.
  • Have 3 cabarets: 20 tourism rating
  • Have 2 hang gliding clubs: 20 tourism rating
  • ?Have a Circus?

Suggestions: Building a tourism industry is extremely expensive in Tropico 5. A family resort will set you back about $17.000. This will only house 7 tourist families and will generate a profit below $300. Meaning that each resort constructed will take at least 5 years to provide ANY profits to your treasury. Therefore I recommend making sure that you have a high income. Your balance should be+$40.000 or higher. You can accomplish this with a few well chosen factories such as the Steel Mill. Also try and research the Vehicle Manufacturing Plant, which has an income of $3300 monthly. Regarding the objective; I succeeded with 5 Family resorts (they only need 4 workers for 7 families) and 2 economy hotels. Other than that I constructed the 3 cabarets, 2 hang gliders, a circus and 2 beaches. Tropico5 Mission 14 Leon Kane must die. For this mission you need to attract 400 tourists to your island.   When you succeed you will have to choose from the following options

  • Cold reception: Send Kane naked pictures of Penultimo
  • Cruel nature: Hide a polar bear in the hotel room closet
  • Laughing yester: Plant exploding utensils on the gala-dinner.

14 Mission: Changing the world – Export Oil at sub-market value to achieve political goals.

Our goal here is to flood the market with cheap oil. Win the mission by exporting loads of oil barrels at a reduced export price. Expect frequent rebel attacks.

  • Step one: Export 4000 Oil barrels at 50% price.
  • It: Have a circus (20 Tourism rating added)
  • The Power of  KGB (KGB will constantly rise the rebel threat)
  • Step two: Export 6000 oil barrels at 30% price.
  • Step three: Export 10.000  oil barrels at 10% price.
  • Global Inflation: buildings become 15% more expensive and receive 3 free oil related buildings.

Although it might make sense to go all out on oil related industries I would strongly advise against this. As you will notice the export price of oil will keep going down throughout the mission. Therefore it is best to have  strong alternate economy that can fund the oil industry.

I completed the mission in April 1955 with the following oil related buildings:

  • 1 Oil Refinery
  • 3 Oil Well
Tropico 5 Mission 15. For this mission you will need to flood the market with cheap oil.
Pretty straight forward city; 5 docks, 2 barracks, some industries and a residential center.

The economy itself was support by export of Steel (2 x), Rum (1x) and a Cloth (Textile Mill) providing a treasury balance of +€220.000.

15 Mission: Hope – Unite the World while fighting off invasion after invasion

The final mission will be a combination of everything you have learned so far. Basically you will have to construct a metropolitan city of 900 Tropicans with a decent tourism base and sufficient army.

  • Hope: Impress superpowers to win the game.
  • EU Membership: Have 3 TV stations (+20 EU standing)
  • The Tropican Way of Life: Have 180 tourists on the island at the same time (+20 USA standing)
  • How cute: commandos storming the palace
  • Allies of my Own: Large invasion forces will attack Tropico.
  • The China Card: reach 900 population (+20 China standing)
  • Strong bonds and Strong Spirits: Export 20.000 Rum (+20 Russia standing)
  • Death of a Good Hat: Have 50 military personal (+20 Middle East standing)

This mission requires you to construct a LOT of buildings. Let’s check it out…

Tourism centerCity center”Docks


  • Spa Hotel
  • Family Resort x6
  • Economy Hotel x2
  • Cruise Ship
  • Airport

Mission 16 Hope. In this mission you will need to combine what you have learned in your previous missions.


  • College x2
  • High School x4


  • Vehicle Factory x2
  • Chocolate factory
  • Textile Mill
  • Steel Mill x2

For mission 16: Hope you have to construct a metropolitan city of 900 Tropicans with a decent tourism base and sufficient army.


  • 10 docks
  • Teamster x6


  • Army base x6
  • Barracks x3
  • Guard Tower x3

For this mission you will need to build enough docks and military defences

Version history

  • Update 6-8-2014: Added Mission 8,9,10,11 and 12.
  • Update 15-8-2014: Added Mission 13.
  • Update 22-8-2014: Added mission 14.
  • Update 30-1:2015: Added mission 15 and 16.
  • Update 10-5-2016: Corrected mission count, there are 15 not 16. Also split the guide into two parts.
  • Update 10-5-2016: Added screenshots to mission 1.