About GameplayInside

What are we about?

GameplayInside is a blog focused at revealing the mechanics underling games. Thereby making gaming less frustrating and more accessible to everyone. That is why our slogan is: Learn HOW to game!

When creating guides, GameplayInside tries to create a comprehensive but clear overview of the subject. To help obtain this goal we make use of tools such as screenshots, tabs, boxes, etc.

Nowadays GameplayInside also offers reviews and insight into PC gaming related hardware and software (Optimize category).

One thing we are not is a news website with daily updates, instead we choose quality over quantity!

GameplayInside Milestones

December 28 2013

Launch of GameplayInside.com featuring Rift and OpenTTD.

January 2014

1.000 montly pageviews

May 2014

10.000 monthly pageviews

added Tropico 5, Optimize and Review categories

June 2014

50.000 monthly pageviews

August 2014

GameplayInside has migrated to a privately owned server.

October 2014

Migration to Disqus comment system.

February  2015

New daily record 11610 (thanks to Optimize) at February 3rd.

March 2015

New daily record 23927 (thanks to Cities Sklyines) at March 15th.

250.000 monthly pageviews

August 2015

Implementation of CDN (Content Distribution Network)