Recap of the official Firefall Tutorial

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By now you should be able to:

  • Walk, sprint, shoot, and glide. Tip: num lock lets you auto-run, your fingers thanks you.
  • Equipping gear at the Battleframe Garage and changing frames at the Battleframe Station.
  • Know a bit about the lore and what your ultimate goal is.
  • Start ARES jobs and Campaign Missions.

but there’s a world out there with huge battles and awesome goodies! This guide will help you get to the good stuff.


Tips for after the Firefall Tutorial

Regarding your Battleframe

You’ve probably picked a Battleframe by now, probably hastily during the tutorial, but is it the right choice? While you can change between them freely, it’s better if you level one to max, which will grant you access to an Advanced Battleframe of your choosing. If you haven’t settled on what you want to level to max, I recommend Assault. If you don’t like Assault I recommend Dreadnaught. They’re the easiest to learn.

Regarding what you should be working towards

The world is big. If you’re getting sick of traveling on foot, work on getting an LGV. Reusable LGVs are motorcyles you calldown, and are expensive. You can purchase one via the Red Bean Store (cash shop), craft your own at the Molecular Printer, or purchase one via the player market (press t to open).

the lgv bike in firefall

If you pick crafting, here’s a guide to help you with finding the resourcesyou need. You gain the blue print to craft a “P-1 LGV” with average speed, average handling, and 3000 hit points after finishing the ARES Job “In the Wheelhouse” in Dredge at level 25. You gain the blue print to craft a “Cobra XLR” with above average speed, above aberage handling, and 7500 hit points after one of your battleframes reach level 40.

Regarding missions

Besides ARES Jobs and the Campaign, Firefall has ARES Missions, Encounters, and World Events that spawn throughout the world. All you need to do is walk up to them to get started. They give more XP and tend to be faster to do than ARES Jobs.

the icon of the ARES missions in Firefall
Regarding squads. Don’t go it alone. Teamwork is overpowered, a feature that hasn’t been nerfed. Type /lfg into chat to put your name on a list of people looking for squads. Also feel free to ask on zone chat. When someone says LFM or LF2M, it means they’re looking for a people to join their squad. If you can’t find a squad, start one by typing /invite <player name> to add members.

Regarding your inventory

Salvage items in your inventory to prevent your inventory from filling up. If you overfill your inventory, you will not be able to pick up additional drops in addition to having your characters movement speed substantially slowed. Salvaging gives you Crystite, Research Points, and crafting components.

The salvage button in your inventory in Firefall

Tips for crafting

Regaring research

Resource Points button in FirefallIf you want a specific piece of gear that you can’t seem to get it from drops, you can craft it. In order to craft an item, you must first have the blueprint for it. Research is done at the Molecular Printer found in every major POI, and requires crystite and Research Points (which you get by salvaging your items).
Regarding resources
If you haven’t checked out the guide on resources, now is the time. You refine raw resources and salvage unused items in your inventory to get Crafting Components, which along with Crystite is what you use to craft.

Regarding manufacturing

Show the non-researched blueprints in Firefall

The best way to learn Firefall’s crafting system is to look through the recipies and find the items you want. You can see the recipies you don’t have researched yet by checking the “Show non-researched blueprints”.
Regarding the market
You can purchase and sell crafted gear in addition to raw and refined resources on the Market.

Tips for the market

Regarding Credits

Currency Exchange button in FirefallResources, gear, and cosmetics are bought and sold via the market with Credits. Credits can be acquired by: converting Crystite via the Currency Exchange, selling Red Beans (real world money) via the Red Bean Exchange (a tab under Currency Exchange), and selling items you have in your inventory. To open the market, press t.

Regarding buy orders

If you uncheck the Show Available button you can search for all the items in the game FirefallSome items are rare, and players may not keep it in stock on the market. You can uncheck “Show Available” next to the search to show all items in the game. After you’ve found the item you are interested in, you can place a “Custom Order” and name your price.

Tips for picking an Advanced Battleframe

By the second or third month, you should be able to get your first Advanced Battleframe. The game launched with 11 Advanced Battleframes, you can see them all here.

If you haven’t figured out your playstyle, for example whether you enjoy being a sniper or a medic. I recommend Mammoth. It’s the most userfriendly Battleframe and very forgiving in combat.