Forced Trial 8  walkthrough with challenge and within the time limit

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Forced is a co-op rpg with puzzle and tactical elements. The game allows you to choose from 4 different characters, each with their own strength and weaknesses. In this video we selected the Vulcan Hammer (red) and the Lightning Bow (yellow)



This walkthrough will demonstrate how to complete FORCED Trial 8 Power Core whilst completing the bonus challenge and time requirement.

Walktrough strategy

In this trial you need to stay in the circle surrounding your orb. If you move outside the orb radius you will take damage. If you stay outside for too long, you will die.


Step 1: Activate the first shrine

First you need to activate the first shrine. Green enemies will start to attack you. Their ranged poison attack knock you down. Use ranged attacks or use spells that provide immunity to knockback ( for example Whirlwind from the Vulcan Hammer (red) character) to kill them easily.

Step 2: Move the cube

Once you have killed the enemies, place the orb in the cube in the wall above you. Move the cube to the right aside so you can enter the next area. Then use the cube to block the laser fire beam. Meanwhile some enemies will attack you, so take them out.


When the laser is disabled, you can use your orb to destroy the green spawn. This prevents the green monsters from spawning.

Step 3: Split up

The next step is to split up. One of you should walk around to the other side of the wall. Don’t forget the radius of the orb! The other person can now move around towards the gate. Take the orb from your friend to activate the cube between the two of you and pull it towards you.  Now your friend can enter and pull the cube to the switch to open the gate.


Once both players are inside use the cube to block the fire beam.  Don’t forget to take the orb with you to the next area.

Step 4: Stay behind the cube

Now activate the shrine and place the orb on the cube again. Send the orb trough the shrine to activate the fire beams and open the gate on the other side. Place the orb on the cube again and send it towards the gate. Stay behind the cube so you don’t get hit by the beams.


Step 5: Kill all enemies

In this area you will be attacked by green monsters again. The shrine can help you kill them. The shrine to the left provides healing. Be careful not to be pinned down by the minotaur. Remember to kill the green exploding enemies at range or use your whirlwind ability to avoid knockback. Once you have killed all enemies you can continue to the next stage of the trial.


Step 6: Complete, or continue with the challenge

Move to the red banner to complete the level or solve the final puzzle to complete the challenge.

Step 7: The challenge

The challenge is to get to the blue banner. For this you need to open the gate while standing on the platform with both players. Unfortunately the switch is disabled.

To activate the switch and open the gate firstly we need to put the orb in the cube and move the cube next to the shrine. Next we activate the shrine, put the orb in the cube  again and send the cube trough the fire beams.


The next step you have to time correctly. When the cube with the orb is diagonal to you with the other cube in between, pull the orb towards you to activate the last shrine. You need to be standing on the platform with all players while doing so.


Complete trial 8

Now run towards the blue banner to complete the trial and the challenge! If you also meet the time requirements, you should get  all three crystals from this level!