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2K Games recently organized an alpha weekend for their latest game Evolve for anyone that owns XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Unfortunately when the alpha access ended the game vanished from our steam libraries. The game itself however is still taking up disk space (14 GB) and using registry keys from your windows registry!


How to uninstall Evolve Alpha

Step 1 – Open the steam console

In your browser visit the following url


Step 2 – Order steam to uninstall Evolve

With the console open simply enter the following command

app_uninstall 273350


If you want to be sure you can generate a list of games with the apps_installed command. However that is completely optional



It is strange that 2K Games forgot that people might want to uninstall Evolve Alpha, a game they can no longer play. Thankfully the solution was relatively easy. At least you got to use the steam console!