In The Crew you can use perks to improve your car, gain more xp and money, get discount on cars and upgrades, get driving assists and much more. The higher your level the more you can spend.

After the first mission called Driving test you will be taken to the Detroit HQ and meet Zoe. Here you can spend your first perk-point. At the start of the game you only have 5 different perks from Zoe to choose from. While progressing through the game you will unlock other characters, each with their own set of perks. Normally you will earn one perk-point if you level up till you hit the level capacity (level 50).

The Crew Perk overview

Overview of all the available characters and their perks categorized by person of interest. In total you will unlock perks from 6 different cities.

Zoe (Detroit)

Perk Maximum Perk Points Effect
On a Dime 5 1%-5%   increase in car’s braking
Double Down 10 2% – 20% chance of 2 perk points at each level up
Word on the Street 10 3% – 30% off the cost of all street parts
Missionary 5 2% – 10% more xp and bucks from missions
The Crew 5 Increase coop bonus (bucks+xp) in missions and faction missions by 2% – 10%

Omar (Chicago)

Perk Maximum Perk Points Effect
Like a Glove 5 1% – 5% increase in your car’s handling
Insurance 10 5% – 50% off the cost of car repairs
The Inside Track 3 Satellite navigation/Visual racing line/Visual racing line with color coded speed data, for Checkpoint runs and races
Dealer Discount 10 3% – 30% off the cost of a new car in any car dealer

Harry (New York)

Perk Maximum Perk Points Effect
Mobile Mechanic 10 Repair your car anywhere at 200% – 100% of HQ repair cost
The New World 10 Reveal everything within 550m – 1km of the player
Skills Pay Bills 5 2% – 10% more XP and Bucks from skills
Dirty Deals 10 3% – 30% off the cost of all Dirt parts

Alita (Miami)

Perk Maximum Perk Points Effect
Holeshot 10 10% – 100% Nitrous available at the start of any Mission or PvP Event
Light the Fires 10 2% – 20% increase to your car’s acceleration under Nitrous
Daredevil 5 2% – 10% more Bucks from Stunts
A Perfect Price 10 3% – 30% off the cost of all Performance parts

Roxanne (Las Vegas)

Perk Maximum Perk Points Effect
Shifting Gears 5 1% – 5% increase to your car’s acceleration
Friends with Benefits 3 2 – 4 friends can be sent on Faction Missions at the same time
Notorious 5 2% – 10% more Reputation Points from Faction Missions and PvP Events
It’s a Steal 10 3% – 30% off the cost of all Raid parts

Vincent (Los Angeles)

Perk Maximum Perk Points Effect
Highly Skilled 5 3% – 15% faster scoring in any Skill
Redline 5 1% – 5% increase to your car’s top speed
MVP 5 2% – 10% more XP and Bucks from PvP Events
The Bottom Line 10 3% – 30% off the cost of all Circuit parts

The best perks in The Crew

The best way to spend spend your perk-points sort of depends on your level and how you are playing the game.

The best perks while leveling

It will be useful to put points in XP raising perks, the moment you unlock them, this will help you to level faster and reach the level cap sooner.

I recommend to spend the maximum amount of points in the “Double Down”-perk. The Double down perk is very interesting because it gives you the ability to unlock multiple perks points each time you level up. After you reach level 50 additional perk points can only be purchased with crew credits.

The “Missionary”-perk gives a decent XP bonus. When I played The Crew, I often played it with a friend. We did all the story missions together so I went for the “The Crew”- perk as well which increases your co-op bonus money and experience.

Keep in mind that resetting your perks is not that expensive.  Therefore it can be useful to  “respec” and to take the 30% discount from the “Dealer Discount” perk when purchasing a new car. Because resetting your perks is so cheap, you will save money even if you reset your perks before and after purchase.

The best perks at level 50

At level 50 you will probably be looking for some PvP action. Therefore I recommend to put the maximum amount of points in every performance enhancing perk;

  • On a Dime
  • Like a Glove
  • Shifting gears
  • Red Line
  • Holeshot
  • Light the Fires

You will probably want to max the “Dealer Discount”-perk too; it will save you a lot of money. When maxed out it will provide a 30% discount on all car purchases. So you can save 300.000 bucks (when you have 30% discount) when buying expensive cars like the LaFerrari or the KoeningsEgg Agera.

The “Highly Skilled”-perk is a must have perk. It enhances your scoring by 15% in any skill challenge, which greatly enhances your ability to earn a platinum medal. Platinum level 50 parts become essential in the end-game to reach the maximum car rating of 1299. You probably have to do a lot of skill challenges to earn a level 50 part for all 11 upgrade slots. This perk will make it a lot easier! An overview of the easiest skill challenges where you can quickly earn a platinum medal are summarized in this article: The Crew Guide – Fastest way to level your car rating.


Interesting perks in The Crew

There are a few perks that require a closer look.

The Inside Track perk

First I came across this perk I put 3 points in it, but after playing a while I realized it was just holding me back in my performance. The racing line, blocks your field of view ahead of you, and also the colors from the racing line are not accurate. It often turns red (which means you will have to brake), when I could get through the corner with full power and no braking. I recommend to put 1 point in it, so you will have satellite reference overhead for directions.

Friends with Benefits

For making some fast money the “Friends with Benefits”-perk is very handy to have. It will allow you to send more friends in a faction mission, so you have a higher chance of achieving it and collect the cash and reputation from it. You can read more about the best ways to make money in this guide: The Crew Guide – How to make money in The Crew (Updated).