Craft The World is a mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress. A randomly generated world is filled with resources and dangerous creatures. It is up to you where to dig and what to construct and how to keep your dwarves alive. This guide provides you with useful Craft the World tips and tricks!

Salvage obsolete items in Craft the World

Progression in Craft the word means upgrading gear, furniture, pickaxes, etc. Did you know you can salvage items you no longer need? Simply open the craft screen and drag the item next to the anvil. Now press the button repeatedly until all items are broken down. Even those useless caps and hoods will result in nice fabric and leather!

Let’s salvage this wooden dlub.

Construct multiple items in Craft the World

Tired of clicking that crafting button? Change the lever to construct 20 or even 50 items at the same time. This is especially useful for crafting fire arrows, clay, bricks, ladders, etc. It also works on converting wheat to grain.

Change the lever to construct multiple items at the same time!

Automatically construct items in Craft the World

Did you know that you no longer have to drag individual ingredients in order to craft as long as you constructed something once? Just select the recipe in your inventory or tech tree and you can mash the green construct button without dragging items in their slots. I wish I had figured that out sooner!

As long as the button is green there is no need to drag individual ingredients into the grid!

Swap the direction of doors

Swap the direction doors face by trying to place the same door on the same spot. This will toggle between the different sides.

Doors can open in two directions.

Easy gold and other metals with explosion and magic collect

Tired of constructing endless tunnels and waiting for your dwarves to return? Simply place an explosion on a field you discovered. Now use magic collect and you will take all the expensive materials in seconds.

Kaboom, gather, win!

Can’t find item in Craft the World? Use the tech tree!

The inventory UI  a bit of a mess. It is usually easier to locate an item through the tech tree where everything is grouped nicely together.

Use the tech tree to quickly locate the Health Elixer.

Multi layer!

Tired of the amount of space required to harvest trees, wheat and other materials? Try stacking!

Trees, berry bushes and even wheat will grow stacked.

Farming in Craft the World

Did you know you can farm animals? Once you unlock farming you can build a few adjacent farm fences. When you have enough a farming shed will spawn in the background. Now all you need is multiple animals of the same type so they start breeding.

This chicken and sheep farm has traps on either side.

To catch animals you will need to construct a traps (from Advanced Construction). Place a few on the maps and in time a wild animal will pass through it and get caught. Make sure you use the wooden one from Advanced Construction because other traps can kill your target. Once an animal is caught an action is available to move them to your farm.

Send all dwarves to rest

Sometimes you need to prepare for a big fight. Rather then micro managing each individual dwarf you can send all dwarfs

Craft the World Hotkeys!

Looking for some useful hotkeys, checkout the following table.

Ctrl + R Send dwarves with health under 70% to sleep (Rest)
Ctrl + E Send starving dwarves to eat (Eat)
Ctrl A new quick bar will appear with empty slots which can be filled up and used at any time by holding CTRL.
Space Select next dwarf.
F1, F2, F3 Change the game speed to normal (F1), 1.5x (F2), 2x (F3).

Other tips?

Do you have tips to share? Feel free to place them in the comments!