MousoverUI macro's

This tutorial will show you how to be a better healer by using mouseoverui macros. With these Rift macros you no longer need to select the target you want to heal. Simply hover your mouse and use the spell.

This tutorial is split in 4 parts
1: Why use healing macros
2: Creating the macro
3: Using the macro
4: Renaming the macro

Why would you want mouseoverui macros?
-You do not have to click so it is faster
-You can keep track of another target (Tank or Boss)
-If you accidentally have no target selected your mouse will become a “hand” preventing you from further casting untill a target is selected
-Default Rift graphics are not very clear on who you are healing
-You can add text to your spell to show the value that is being healed.


If you have any additional questions feel free to post them in the comments.