Guilds in Rift

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If you want to participate in the “endgame” content then you will need a lot of other players. More precise, you will need to form a group of 10 or even 20 players. All of those players need to have about the same skill level. If 25% of your group has no clue on what to do then you are likely to fail. For this reason groups of random players, often referred to as PUGs (pickup groups), are often a failure.

The solution to this problem is joining a guild. Guilds usually organize raids on predetermined times.


Guilds on Rift EU

I have decided to sort guilds based on progression, at least for now. Usually the higher ranked guilds expect more from its members. The Tier 3 guilds usually have 3 to 4 a  mandatory  raiding nights weekly.

Tier 3 Guilds

Guild Shard Lord Greenscale Akylios
Apotheosys Typhiria 21 april 6 may
Trash on Farm Gelidra 28 april 7 may
Stack on 8 Gelidra 25 april 11 may
Imperium ? 29 april 18 may
Last Dawn Zaviel 5 may alive
Heresy Gelidra ? ?
Destiny Gelidra ? ?

Tier 2 Guilds

These guilds have cleared all tier 2 raid content meaning:  Planebreaker Bastion 5/5, Infinity Gate 3/3 and  Grim Awakening 4/4.

Guild Shard Planebreaker Infinity Gate Grim Awakening
Moloch Zaviel 3/5 3/3 4/4
The Suffering Zaviel 3/5 2/3 4/4
Tyrants Blightweald 2/5 1/3 3/4
Luminance Zaviel 1/5 1/3 ?/4
Consortium Zaviel 1/5 0/3 ?/4
Unity Ch II Blightweald ?/5 ?/3 2/4

These guilds have cleared all tier 1 raid content meaning: Frozen Tempest 4/4 and Endless Eclipse 5/5

Tier 1 Guilds

Guild Shard Frozen Tempest Endless Eclipse Grim Awakening (T2)
Lowland Elites Zaviel 4/4 4/5 2/4
Baby Turtles Are Cute Gelidra 3/4 4/5 1/4

These guilds are progressing in the Tier 1 raid content.

Guilds and their strange requirements

When one person can potentially make the entire group fail it is important to do some quality control. All the  better guilds require a certain amount of experience and often request you fill out an application forum. All of these hoops are necessary for a guild in order to maintain its quality level.  The downside of this system is that you will first need some experience in the “lesser” guilds before you can participate in the hardest content of Rift. Obviously you can try to skip the learning curve and get “carried”.

*update* Changed Blightweald to Gelidra.

 For the guild masters: Do not get upset if you are not listed. Feel free to contact me with a submission or additional information.