Welcome to another Rift raiding guide. This is Kyzan, the second boss in the Grim Awakening 10 player Rift raid.
Kyzan can be summarized easily:

  • The tank cannot be healed when the beacon is up, he can be shielded.
  • Players will take a lot of damage for each stack that is not cleansed.
  • Do not overlap and do not touch the extending circle.
  • Avoid everything that is purple.

However do not underestimate Kyzan! In Rift a lot of guilds fail on this boss. Basically a lot of players will fail on dodging the purple AoE and switching to the beacon. If a few players die there is no way you can complete the boss within the enrage timer.

Kill video of Kyzan

Take a look at this video to get a general idea of the Kyzan raid.

Raid Setup

rift-tank-icon 1 tank
rift-healer-icon 1 Purifier, 1 or 2 AoE healers
rift-support-icon Bard and Archon
rift-dps-icon Single target DPS, no room for a lot of melee.

Strategy summary


Tank Kyzan at the north edge of the circle.

The raid should completely spread out. One player can stand in the center, preferable the healer. Use the entire circle available. Remember your positions! You can arrange positions before you start the fight if no one enters the circle.

Phase rip – individual responsibility

This is a high mobility fight. Purple ghosts with swords will spawn. They will “aggro” on the closest player. They will turn in his direction. After a while they become fixed and cause a purple ground AoE. Everyone has to dodge this Phase rip. It deals heavy damage. You can make it easier for everyone by turning the ghosts to the outside of the circle. That way other players will not have to dodge your ghost.

Keep in mind that near the end of the fight more ghosts will spawn, making it harder to dodge them.

Beacon of bloodsucking

The tank will receive a healing debuff meaning he basically can not be healed as long as the beacon is up. Have your purifier use his shields to keep the tank alive. In the mean while All dps should switch to the beacon to kill it as fast as possible. If you do not do this you will have to 2 Tank it.

Abhorrent growth – purging

Abhorrent growth needs to be purged (5 stacks).  So assign purgers (inquisitor, marksman etc).

If needed create a KaruulAlert on focus target and set Kyzan as focus target. Now purge with a macro:

cast @focus yourpurgespell

Bone harvest – cleansing

Everyone has to move to the center to get cleansed, coordinate this!

This ability places stacks on every raid member. After a while all stacks left on player will each cause a reasonable amount of damage. So if you manage to cleanse everyone then no one will take damage. If you manage to leave 2 or 3 stacks up then it will likely lead to a whipe.

You will need a total of three cleanses. You can use two healers if someone gets a hybrid spec with a dual cleanse (like warden/purifier or purifier/sentinel). If you lack DPS than getting a special Kyzan spec is highly recommended.

It is important to realize that cleanse timing is important. Basically it keeps adding stacks so yo can skip the “first” one. KingBossMods will assist you with this.

Necrotic expansion

A random raid member will start to spawn a growing purple AoE that will have to be dodged by the raid. The player that gets Necrotic expansion should move to the outer edge of the circle. That way it is easier for the raid to dodge him (since then 50% of the AoE is OUTSIDE the raid zone). The only exception to this is the center player. This player should stand perfectly still, everyone else now has to move to the outer edges.

List of abilities (in order of importance)

  • Phase rip: Summons the purple ghosts, dodge the purple AoE!
  • Beacon of bloodsucking: No healing on tank mechanics, kill the beacon asap.
  • Abhorrent growth: purge mechanic
  • Necrotic expansion: expanding purple circle. Player with this will have to move to the edge, unless it is the player in the center.
  • Bone harvest: Cleanse 3 stacks, each stack damages. The better you cleanse the easier it is to heal.
  • Delayed Annihilation: Spread mechanic

Role tips


  • Never get hit by the purple ghosts, listen to the sound they make!
  • Purge,purge, purge.
  • Switch to beacon as fast as humanly possible!


  • Realize you will get no healing while beacon is up (cooldowns?).
  • Move the boss if needed to avoid the expanding purple.


  • Agree who cleanses first.
  • Get a dual cleanse spec.
  • Make sure the entire raid knows they have to run to the center so everyone is in cleanse range.
  • If you cleanse everything no one takes damage. If one player has a stack left you will know this player will have to be healed.


  • Nothing special here as far as I know. Use everything on cooldown.


If you have any additional questions feel free to post them in the comments. I can write down a proper strategy summary if requested.