Triumph of the Dragon Queen is the easiest raid in Rift. It is designed for players that have gathered all “epic” loot from expert dungeons. All bosses require 400 hit (420 for 100% hit chance). This is accomplished by having 7 or 8 items with 53 hit.

Kill video of Triumph of the Dragon Queen raid

Raid Setup for Triumph of the Dragon Queen

rift-tank-icon 1 main tank (50k+), 1 offtank (45k+)
rift-healer-icon 1 Purifier, 1 AoE healer
rift-support-icon Bard and Archon (or beastmaster)
rift-dps-icon Melee or ranged


An offtank is recommended for the second boss because he applies maximum health reduction stacks to the active tank.

Grand Falconer Zoles

For everyone:

  • Lightning Sphere
    Lightning Sphere will damage a random player for 60K. Fortunately it can be shared with up to 8 players. Therefore everyone, except the tanks, should stack behind the boss.
  • Void Spawns
    At approximately a minute into the fight a purple ground AoE “void spawn” will start to grow. If the raid is positioned correctly then the first 3 expanding circles will not hit the raid. When the 4th circle has spawned the first ones have despawned. To avoid the new void spawn the entire raid should move to the entrance.


Tank the boss in the center of the room near some mushrooms and make sure he faces the wall.

Falconer Zoles spawns an add called Skyscream. This bird has a stacking buff that increases its damage over time. The offtank will have to pickup the add and tank it next to the main tank. You will have to kill Skyscream before he kills you add so assign some (ranged) dps to this bird. At 20% Skyscream will explode. Hence the offtank should drag Skyscream away from the raid at approximately 30%. When the add is killed Falconer Zoles gains a damage buff.


DPS stack behind the boss.  You will have to kill Skyscream before he kills your offtank. Assign some (ranged) dps to this bird. Each time a bird dies Zoles will gain a damage buff so you do not want to kill Skyscream too quickly. Having the entire raid focus the add is therefore a bad idea.


Stack withe veryone behind the boss. This fight is all about increasing damage. Due to the death of birds the offtank will take  increased damage. Additionally anyone in front of Zoles will receive a stacking healing debuff. Each time a bird is killed Zoles will increase his damage output. This includes raid damage from Lightnign Sphere and Energy lash. So save your cooldowns accordingly.

Overgeared method

The maintank will tank both Grand Falconer Zoles and any adds that might spawn. DPS and healers stack behind the boss. All dps completely ignore the “birds” en focus on nuking the boss. It is possible to use a single healer but due to the increase in damage you could also go safe and use a purifier and an AoE healer. Like always; avoid the purple ground AoE. So at the appropriate time simply kite the boss to the entrance (and back).



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General Typhiria

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