So you have successfully completed the stealth Shadow Raid Heist, but you want to get all those achievements?

The Shadow Raid Heists was released as a free DLC and contains six achievements. GameplayInisde will provide you with some basic tips on how to complete all the achievements.

Shadow Raid Heist Achievements

I will fade the dark : secure 4 bags

You will do it just by playing the Shadow Raid Heist.

I will pass through wall : secure 6 bags without killing anyone

[startclear] [postad]

Pretty easy if you want to take only 6 bags. Most of bags are in the containers and some bags can be found easily inside the warehouse by using the sewer network.

Furthermore, don’t forget that the map is big, so you can try to dominate guards instead of killing them. Up to you.


I will take with impunity :

You will need to know where you can find all these loot types.

  • Money : you can find most of the money in containers, but also in the warehouse, it always has the same look.
  • Gold : can only be found in a crate.
  • Artifact : can only be found in a crate.
  • Painting : can only be found in a “special” crate (with look like a pallet).
  • Server : there are server rooms in this map, but only one of them will have a server in it.
  • Weapons : can only be find in the warehouse, found in crates like those in Firestarter.
  • Coke : can only be find in the warehouse, even in a crate.

I will walk faceless among men:

You will need to open the vault and get the four pieces of the shogun armor inside. For that you will need to use two key cards in less than 10 seconds. If you do not do this you will fail Shadow Raid Heist and only have 1 minute to get back to the escape point.

If you are doing Shadow Raid Heist solo you will need to leave a key card on the floor near the vault, and get another key card. But remember, guards seem to spot the open vault.

I am a ninja :

Get 16 bags of loot and the 4 pieces of the shogun armor.

Check the complete guide for more formation about the Shadow Raid Heist, including videos.

I will die and die, and die again :

Finish the Shadow Raid Heist in DeathWish.

Check the complete shadow raid stealth guide for more formation about the Shadow Raid Heist, including videos.


Feel free to ask any questions regarding the Shadow Raid achievements in the comments!