What’s new in Update 1.3

GameplayInside has grown rapidly. Obviously we are extremely proud of that. Unfortunately our previous web host was no longer sufficient in terms of bandwidth and performance.

Insourcing Hosting

GameplayInside has already tried a few different hosting companies but non of them provided the performance we desired. In order to allow for future growth GameplayInside has insourced it’s hosting. This will give us more control over server related aspects and more bandwidth. We will have a faster server with more bandwidth but with a higher cost.

New platform operational

GameplayInside has already completed the move to our own server without any downtime. Page load speeds have been reduced by 1 second to 2.40 seconds!


For more control GameplayInside has moved to a different domain registrar. Our previous domain registrar, Strato, did not let us adjust the name servers. Adjust the name servers will allow GameplayInside to use a Content Delivery Network if needed. Unfortunately there is some downtime associated with a DNS transfer. Well normally it isn’t but when you previous registrar does not allow you to make the necessary adjustments it is ;).

Thankfully international downtime was minimal, a few hours at most. Only our coverage in the Netherlands suffered from 18:00 GMT+1 to 4:00  GMT+1 due to DNS caching. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Any thoughts or tips? Feel free to post in our comments or contact us directly.