Endless Legend Factions


Endless Legends features many different factions. The interesting thing here is that a lot of these factions have unique affinities and traits that require you to completely change your strategies and tactics.

Do not expect a few unique units or building but expect completely different ways to play Endless Legend.

Wild Walkers

A very traditional faction. Starts with ranged archer units. The starting techs are Seed storage (food) and Sewer system (approval). Their unique traits are related to forests. You will gain +1 production on forest tiles. Later in the game you can research a 25% defence bonus on forest tiles. Their affinity allows them to detect enemy empires within and around your borders.

Broken Lords

This faction is all about dust (gold). Due to their affinity the Broken Lords cannot gather food, so their city’s can’t grow. Instead they use dust to purchase population. Their armies have no health regeneration, instead they can be healed by spending dust. They start with the Advanced armor technology unlocked.  Broken Lords get additional dust on terrain that already has dust.


The Necrophages are a very unique but aggressive faction. Their affinity provides them with cadavers for each unit killed. For every 8 cadavers you will be granted a resource stockpile (resource boost that can be applied to your cities). They  cannot have peace, alliances, diplomatic technologies or trade techs. “One does not debate with one’s next meal”. They gain an attack bonus for each war they are fighting. On the city side you will notice -1 food per tile. However they gain +2 food per worker for each pacified village. So this bonus can become huge.

Ardent Mages

Adrent mages are a traditional faction with a twist. Their affinity allows them to use magic in two ways. First of all booster pillars can be purchased with dust. At the start of the game these pillars will provide +1 science per tile. With techs this can be increased. Furtheremore you will be able to unlock dust, culture and food boosting pillars.
Secondly they can use spells (at cost of dust) during combat. For example heal, stun, damage, etc. This will require you to manually resolve combat.

Vaulters (Mezari)

The Vaulters select one strategic resource as “holy” every 20 turns. This resource will act as a booster to the empire (e.g. +20% science, dust, production, food, etc). During winter you will gather the selected “holy” resource at a 200% rate. The holy resource also allows them to instantly teleport armies between cities. Furthermore selecting a holy resource lowers expansion disapproval (unhappiness) by 50%(!). Their unique techs are related to buildings that boost your cities but cost “holy ” resources to construct.

Read more about the vaulters in the Endless Legends Guide – The Vaulters.

Roving Clans

The Roving Clans are an extremely mobile faction. Their affinity allows them to relocate cities at will. Basically this means your entire city (including all its buildings) gets packed up on a giant beetle. Now you can move it and deploy it somewhere else you like. Their military units tend to have a lot of movement points.

Besides their mobility the Roving Clans are all about trade. For example they will recover 8% of all dust that OTHER empires spend on the market place. They can also ban other empires from using the market place at all. Furthermore they can start commercial and research agreements for free.
Keep in mind that they cannot declare war (!).


The Drakken are masters of statecraft. Their affinity allows them to force truce, peace or even an alliance on targetted empires. Their trait allow them to view the starting locations of all other empires. They can also unlock empire plans 1 tier earlier and gain additional science and culture from ruins.
Their starter military units have a lot  of health and defence but little attack. Because armies are measured in hitpoints they always appear strong.


The Cultists affinity disables the production of settlers. Meaning that you can only have one city. To compensate for this disadvantage you can gain level 3 districts that have increased tech boosts. Thanks to your traits there is another way to grow. You can convert villages at a cost of culture. After conversion the tiles around the village will provide their income to your capitol (!). Furthermore they will regularly spawn a new military unit. These cannot be upgraded but they can be usefull. They can also be sold for dust. Razing another city will provide you with an industry stock pile. You can also research a tech boost from city razing.

Custom faction

Keep in mind that you can develop your own faction based on one of the primary affinities listed above. This will also determine your technology tree and unit types. However you can spend 80 points on customization. You can spend them on starter techs, traits and  disadvantages. If you choose disadvantages (such as the inability to declare war) you will gain additional points. Even some mechanics that could be concidered to be faction specific can be chosen. For example the cultist ability to convert villages (40 points) or the Boosting pillars from the Adrent Mages (+3 for each type). Obviously this allows you to create extremely overpowered factions.