What are modules?

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Modules are pieces of gear that you can add onto weapons or abilities. There are weapons modules, which slot into weapons; and there are ability modules, which slot into your abilities. These equipment modules can modify your weapon’s rate of fire, damage, or you abilities cooldown.Weapons and abilities have slots, which typically depend on their quality (there are exceptions):

Weapon or ability quality Slots
Common (white) Red
Uncommon (green) Red, Yellow
Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (yellow) Red, Yellow, Blue

There are six types of modules for weapons and for abilities:

Module Slots Weapons modules Ability modules
Red Red Rapidfire Deployment, Cooled, Fast Deploy
Yellow Yellow LongMag Lasting, Damaging, Enduring
Blue Blue Charging, HighYield, Precise Ranging, Remote, Longarm, Energized, Widened
Purple Red, Blue Blazing, Fusillade, Balanced Ranged, Rapid, Swift, Barrage
Green Yellow, Blue Surging, Haboc, Stabilized Isolated, Focused, Forceful, Strengthened, Distant
Orange Red, Yellow Carnage Blitz, Charged

Module types

In Firefall there are currently two module types; weapon modules and ability modules.

NOTE: I think this list covers all the available modules, but we could be missing some. If you find a module that we are missing please tell us and we will add it. Thanks 🙂

Weapon Modules

Basic Modules

Colour Module Effects
Red Rapidfire rate of fire
Yellow LongMag magazine size
Blue Charging chargeup
Blue HighYield AOE
Blue Precise accuracy
Blue Powered chargeup, accuracy

Hybrid Modules

Colour Module Effects
Purple Blazing rate of fire, chargeup
Purple Fusillade rate of fire, AOE
Purple Balanced rate of fire, accuracy
Green Surging magazine size, chargeup
Green Havoc magazine size, AOE
Green Stabilized magazine size, accuracy
Orange Carnage rate of fire, magazine size

Ability Modules

Basic Modules

Red Deployment max deployables
Red Cooled recharge
Red Fast Deploy recharge, charge time, max deployables
Yellow Lasting duration, AOE
Yellow Damaging potency
Yellow Enduring potency, duration
Blue Ranging range, force
Blue Remote range, AOE
Blue Longarm range
Blue Energized force
Blue Widened force, AOE
Blue Widened AOE

Hybrid Modules

Purple Rapid recharge, range, charge speed
Purple Swift reacharge, force, charge speed
Purple Barrage recharge, charge speed, AOE
Purple Ranged Deployment range, max deployables
Green Isolated range, duration
Green Focused range, potency
Green Forceful potency, force
Green Strengthened force, duration
Green Distant duration, AOE
Orange Blitz recharge, potency, charge speed
Orange Charged recharge, duration, charge speed

Hidden modules

Some weapons and abilities have hidden modules, which are additional bonuses granted to the weapon or ability. These hidden modules do not take up a slot on the weapon or ability. Cooled, Enraged, etc. is added to the beginning of a weapon’s or ability’s name to indicate its hidden module.
Hidden modules in the game Firefall

Equipping modules

Press p or open the Battleframe Garage and click and drag from your inventory to your weapon or ability.

Equiping Ability Modules and Weapon Modules in FirefallIf your weapon or ability already has a module, you can override that moduley by dragging the new module over it. The new module will be slotted and the old one destroyed.

Removing modules

You can remove the module from a piece from a weapon or ability to equip on another piece of gear. Right-click and Examine the piece of gear.
Removing a module in Firefall by right clicking and examining the item
And click “Unslot module”. It costs Credits to unslot a module, which you can get by converting crystite or selling items or red beans on the market (press t to open the market).

The Unslot Modules button in Firefall