What are calldowns?

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Calldowns are items you collect from the world that are activated like an ability. They take up the 56,7, and 8 keybinds by default.

Some calldowns are consumable, meaning they cannot be re-used. For example, in the screenshot above, I have three ammopacks bound to 5. If I press 5, I will use one ammo pack and have two left in my inventory to calldown.


Others are recharable, meaning they can be re-used. For example, the recharable glider pad is bound to 6. If I press 6, I will deploy my glider pad and it will go into cooldown.

Finally, beware Firefall uses calldowns extensively. Cosemetics purchased via the ingame market are considered to be consumables, once activated as a calldown, they bind to your character and become available in the Paint Shop or the New You.

How to use the calldown hotkeys in FIrefall

The calldowns menu

All calldowns can be accessed via the calldown menu. The default keybind to access the calldowns menu is c.
The calldowns menu in the game Firefall
Navigate the calldowns menu by scrolling, right clicking, or left clicking. The calldown you select will be assigned to 5.

Binding calldowns to 67, and 8

The calldowns menu only assigns calldowns to 5. In order to assign calldowns to 67, and 8: press the enter or i key to engage mouse mode, and then you can click and drag the calldown from 5 to the slot you prefer.
Reassigning calldown buttons 6, 7 and 8 in Firefall

Select next/previous calldown
You can select the next or previous calldown without having to open the calldowns menu by pressing either the [ ] keys. This will reassign the calldown for 5.


Calldown Hotkeys lets you keybind these frequently used calldowns. For example, I can press h to assign the scann hammer to 5 without having to open the calldowns menu.

AutoDetonator automatically selects a sonic detonator when looking towards a surface deposite (for harvesting metals).