Cities Skylines features a milestone progression system. Each time you reach a certain population milestone additional gameplay and related buildings, overlay and settings become available. This is a great way to keep the game simple at the start but challenging near the end.

Besides knowing all future milestones you might be interested in how useful these unlocks actually are. I will do my best to pass judgement on all unlocks in the coming weeks.

Overview table

Milestone Population Buildings Services/Features
Little Hamlet 500 Elementary School, Medical Clinic, Landfill Site Taxes, Loans, Garbage, Healthcare, Education
Worthy Village 1000 Police Station, Fire House 2km x 2km, Districts, Policies, Second Loan, Industry Specializations, Services Policies, Fire Department, Police Department, Unique Buildings, Forestry Specialization, Agriculture Specialization
Tiny Town 1500 High School Decoration, Level 2 Unique Buildings, Pet Ban, Smoking Ban, Parks and Recreation
Boom Town 2600 Bus Depot, Advanced Wind Turbine, Cemetery 2km x 2km, Transport, Level 3 Unique Buildings, Bus, Recycle, Recreational Use, Ore Industry Specialization
Busy Town 5500 City Planning Policies, Level 4 Unique Buildings, Free Public Transport, Heavy Traffic Ban, Oil Industry Specialization
Big Town 7500 Metro Station, University, Incineration Plant 2km x 2km, Taxation Policies, Level 5 Unique Buildings, Metro, Education Boost, Tax Raise, Tax Relief, High Density Residential Zone, High Density Commercial Zone, Office Zone
Small City 11000 Train Station, Cargo Train Terminal, Hydro Power Plant Level 6 Unique Buildings, Train, Small Buniness Enthusiast, Big Business Benefactor, Industrial Space Planning, High Tech Housing, Highrise Ban
Big City 16000 Water Treatment Plant, Crematorium 2km x 2km
Grand City 20000 Solar Power Plant Third Lone
Capital City 32000 Harbor, Cargo Harbor 2km x 2km, Ship
Colossal City 44000 Nuclear Power Plant 2km x 2km
Metropolis 65000 Airport 2km x 2km,Plane
Megalopolis 80000 2km x 2km, Monuments

Little Hamlet – Reach a population of 500

New Features

  • Taxes: Optional
    Unlocks the ability to set custom tax rates for residential, commercial and industry zones. Default settings is  9%. Leave it if you do not know what you are doing.
  • Loans: Important
    Allows you to take a €21.000 loan at 5% interest.Important to quickly expand your city.

New Services

  • Garbage
    Garbage collection is extremely important in Cities Skylines. If you fail to gather garbage buildings will abandon. Meaning a loss of income or even population.
  • Healthcare
    Healthcare is important for happiness and it can prevent deaths.
  • Education
    Education allows your residential area to level up. When buildings level up they can house more families and therefore pay additional taxes. Educated citizens are also good for your industries. Educating your citizens takes time!

New Buildings

  • Elementary School: Important
    The first building to provide Education to your child citizens. I recommend constructing it immediately  because education takes time.
  • Medical Clinic: Essential
    The Medical Clinic is your basic health care solutionThis clinic can send out 8 ambulances and “store” up to 100 patients. The range is about a single tile (2kmx2km). A single medical clinic should be enough up to 10.000 citizens.
  • Landfill Site: Essential
    This building will send out up to 15 trucks to gather garbage. This will only be sufficient for very small cities so expect to construct multiple landfills so you have enough trucks to drive across town.

To be continued…


There are 12 milestones. How far did you get??? (And as usual if you have any questions or remarks feel free to post them in the comments).