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The cleric healing purifier soul is one of the most awesome heal specs. Instead of just responding to damage you can learn to prevent it by timing your absorbs. When your gear is good enough you can run Expert Dungeons without the party ever taking damage. There are many talent builds out there but this Blaze and Flame build is my absolute favorite!

Latent Blaze provides an amazing heal when the target drops below 30% hp, and Flame of Life AoE healing will make your wardens a run for their money. Other than that, your shielding extend the life of your targets acting as a buffer. Furthermore each shielded target has a significant damage reduction. Thanks to the Sentinel Touch The Light will allow you to instantly cast your long cast spells.

Main features:

  1. Learn to pre-charge a mega Latent Blaze that will heal 42K instead of 31.5K!
  2. Learn how to track Burnout/Symbol of the Sun and Torch /Latent Blaze with Clickbox Healer
  3. Screenshot of suggested ability bar layout
  4. Health per Second for all abilities

This guide will provide…

  1. the required talent build
  2. a list the buffs with a description
  3. a screenshot of suggested ability bar layout
  4. instructions to setup ClickBox Healer AddOn
  5. explanation of the 5 most important Purifier Mechanics
  6. show the Health per Second for all abilities (to compare them)
  7. all required macro’s
  8. KaruulAlert Addon import set
  9. explanation on how to use the build by using healing scenario’s

61 Purifier / 15 Sentinel / 0 Inquisitor

Alternative (more spellpower): 61 Purifier / 11 Sentinel /4 Inquisitor

Self Buffs

Heroic Resolve: Add 70 endurance to the raid
Wisdom of the Ages: Add 70 wisdom to the cleric
Caregiver’s Blessing: absorb X damage (1491 with my gear), applied by single target heal and absorption.
Sign of Faith: Reduces damage taken by 7% for 15 seconds, applied by single target heal and absorption.

Tank Buffs

Sign of Anticipation: Increase dodge, parry, block and deflect by 3% for 15 seconds, applied by single target heal and absorption (Only when double purifier).
Eruption: Deal damage to the allies target when an absorb is applied (place on Tank!)

Ability Bar suggestion

rift purifier guide ability bar


1: Healing Flare / Healing Breath macro
2: Ward of Flame
3: Ward of Fire
4: Gathering of Flames
5: Latent Blaze macro
Q: AoE cleanse
E: Flashover
R: Flame of Life

mouse4: Symbol of the Sun
mouse5: Symbol of the Torch
shift-mouse4: Touch the Light

Shift-1: Fiery Will
Shift-2: Spiritual Conflagration
Shift-3: Rite of the Forge

Clickbox Healer configuration

This Addon is a purifiers best friend. Most importantly; it allows you to track your  Burnout defbuff. Therefore you will immediately know when you can re-cast a shield. Furthermore it will track Symbol of the Sun and Symbol of the Torch. In this example I am also displaying players that have Latent Blaze.


Two players are line of Sight. Aria has Symbol of the Torch Missmit.. has Symbol of the Torch AND Latent Blaze, Magista… has burnout and Symbol of the sun.

Tracking options
Frame options
Purifier Mechanics
Shield first, ask questions later
Mega Blaze: Pre-Charging Latent Blaze to heal 42.000
Flame of Life: Save the tank and give Wardens a run for their money
Bonus healing from timing your shields
Abilities and HPS math for Single Target (updated)

How to read this: Healing is a time based game. You have to decide who to heal, what spells to used and make the most effective use of your global cooldowns.

The red bars show your effective healing per second. Use it to determine the true power of a spell. A spell could heal 500.000 but if it is a 10 minute cast you would not defeat a single boss.

The blue bar shows the total healing done over the duration of the spell. For example Flame of Life will heal 66510 over 6 seconds. This is good to know in determining what spell to use when everything is going smoothly.


Keep in mind that this is a  simplification. Ingame tooltip values were used without taking into account additional benefits such as the 20% boost from feed the flames. However the bonuses apply to all healing spells.

That said: From this graph you should understand that:

  1. healing flare is not a viable spell!
  2. ward of fire at 6 stacks (instant) is very effective
  3. Flame of Life is a very effective tank saver (Don’t forget that it also reduces damage taken by 20% for 6 seconds)
  4. Spiritual Conflagration is a bit more effective than Rite of the Forge. Even more so if you also apply the 20% bonus
Abilities and HPS math for Area of Effect


  1.  For AoE Flame of Life is your best friend. Unfortunately it is on a 1 minute cooldown, but so is Gathering of Flames.
  2. If you mistime Gathering of Flames (so it does not heal) it is a useless ability.

Please make sure you know how to create Mouseover UI healing macro’s

Spot healing(healing breath/healing flare)
Laten Blaze (spam it 3x)
Inform raid about Rite of Forge
Inform raid about Spiritual Conflagration

Karuul Alert

This Karuul Alert set includes: Latent Blaze ready, Ward of Flame stacks tracker, Ward of Flame instant cast ready warning, and Flashover ready.

Karuul Alert Import set code
Healing Scenario's
Before the fightHealing a dungeon partyHealing a raid

Before the fight

  1. Make sure you have applied all self buffs
  2. Apply the tank buff to the tank
  3. Apply Pre-Charged Latent Blaze to the tank
  4. Shield the tank with Symbol of the Sun
  5. If you are in a dungeon group and you have time left, shield all members.

Healing a dungeon party

*I do not recommend using purifier to heal a dungeon unless you have 2000+ wisdom.*

First decide which players get the strongest shield; Use Keep Symbol of the Sun on the tank, yourself and the lowest health target. Use Symbol of The Torch on the two remaining party members.

Always keep the tank shielded! After that cast Ward of Flame. After one channel you will have 3 stacks. Now cast Ward of Flame again to get 6 stacks. Re-Apply your shield if needed. If the tank is full health I recommend to save your instant Ward of Fire and use it to counter big hits. If the tank has lost health just spam it because it will save you a lot of mana.

If a party member takes damage place the appropriate symbol shield on him. This will prevent his/her death. When you find the time heal him with the instant ward of fire or healing breath/flare. You will probably have to alternate between healing the tank and healing a single group member.

If you know big party damage is incoming then make sure all party members are shielded in advance!

For heavy AoE damage you are limited to using Flame of Life once every minute. Do not hesitate to cast Rite of the Forge (big shield) on the tank so that you can ignore the tank for a while and spend a few GCD’s on healing and shielding the party.

In a dungeon your best friends are pre-shielding combined with a quick cleasning on AoE mechanics!

Healing a raid

Pay attention to the entire raid, only healing the tank is for slackers. Shield low health players to prevent their death. Remember that you can shield a total of 6 players! This is essential and will synergize with other healers. Because that player is shielded he will no longer take the regular damage. Hence he will be healed back quicker from AoE healing then the rest of the raid.

If AoE healing is struggling then do not fear to time your Flame of Life to use it’s 11K heal ticks combine with the 20% damage reduction.

That said: Keep Latent Blaze up on both tanks (Pre charge!). If you are struggling with splitting your attention between the health bars and the fight then also cast one on yourself.

Make sure both tanks (and preferably yourself*) are shielded with Symbol of the Sun. After that cast Ward of Flame on the tank that has agro. Identify this player by watching the raid flames for the tank with a red square around him. Re-cast shields if needed after each channel.

If things go south use your Rite of the Forge to prevent a death. On a scenario where you notice the incoming damage is greater than the healing, but not yet critical, use the Spiritual Conflagration cooldown to turn the tides (highest hps). If Rite of Forge and Spiritual Conflageration are on cooldown resort to Flame of Life for the 60K+ heal and the -20% damage reduction.

* If you do not shield yourself you are dependent on other healers. This could mean you have to abort a channel and heal yourself at a bad time. By shielding yourself when you have the time you are helping the raid by not dying and not requiring attention from other healers.


Thanks to:

Yasutora: helping me test Latent blaze for one hour!
forbiddenlake and Bctrainer: pointing out I linked the wrong spec

Thanks for reading this article, if you have any additional questions feel free to post them in the comments.

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