How to enter an expert dungeon

You just leveled your Rift character to level 60 and would like to join an Expert dungeon? Before you can you first need to fullfill some requirements! You can obtain those by grinding the “normal” dungeons, or just follow this epic guide and get in instantly!

Main features:

  • Overview of the required stats
  • How to obtain the stats <1 hour
  • Sigil info (for stats)
  • Rune info (for stats)
  • Crafted Items (for each class/role)
  • Rune info (for hit)

Understanding the need for requirements
[postad]Expert dungeons are a lot more challenging than “normal” dungeons. This is partly caused by the fact that the enemies are higher level. Expert dungeons have enemy level 62. Because the player can only reach level 60 the enemy is at an advantage. This advantage has to be compensated by hit and toughness.

In order to be able to damage the enemy successfully the additional stat “hit” is required. With 300 hit there is a 99% chance the players abilities will successfully land. With 320+ hit there is a 100% chance that the player will hit the enemy. Without the required hit a lot of abilities will show “missed”.

For tanks additional toughness is required. Without toughness the enemy bosses are able to critically hit the player. This means they can “one shot” the player with insane damage numbers. No healer can compete with that. In order to reduce the chance of the player being critically hit, 300 toughnesss is required.

Expert requirements

The requirements are determined by the role you want to play;

Warrior: 1200 strength, 300 hit
Cleric: 1200 wisdom, 300 hit
Mage: 1200 intelligence, 300 hit
Rogue: 1200 dexterity, 300 hit
Warrior: 1200 strength, 300 toughness, 300 hit
Cleric: 1200 wisdom, 300 toughness, 300 hit
Rogue: 1200 dexterity, 300 toughness, 300 hit
Cleric: 1200 wisdom (no hit required!)
Mage: 1200 intelligence, 300 hit
Warrior: 1200 strength, 300 hit
Cleric: 1200 wisdom, 300 hit
Mage: 1200 intelligence, 300 hit
Rogue: 1200 dexterity, 300 hit

To summarize: All players will need 1200 of their primary stat in addition to 300 hit. The only exception is the cleric healer that does not need 300 hit. Tanks will need an additional 300 toughness.

Getting the 1200 stats


The 1200 stats are easily obtained by purchasing a planar focus called “Sigil of the Five” The item costs only 7500 planarite and is avaiable from the Rift store (Equipment>Focus). The next step is to visit the auctionhouse and purchase 6 green lesser essences with level 60 to fill the sigil. These green essences will only cost 2-5 platinum each.


If the sigil was not enough to obtain 1200 stats, unlikely, then there are always runes. The “Auroral” runes are usually pretty cheap (10 platinum) and provide 32 stats. For example:

  • Auroral Sagious Rune: +32 wisdom on Helmet or Legs
  • Auroral Potent Rune: +32 strength on Helmet or Legs
  • Auroral Insightfull Rune: 32 Intelligence on Shoulders or Chest
  • Auroral Deft Rune: +32 dexterity on Shoulders or Chest

Runes will cost about 10 platinum each!

Getting 300 hit

Getting to 300 hit can be a bit more difficult or requires a bit more platinum.

In Rift there are 8 items that provide hit.  From leveling the player is usually equipped with +40 hit items or lower. Normal dungeons on level 60 will drop items with 53 hit. This means a total of 424 hit can be achieved. This means that the player does not need to gather all high quality items before he or she can join the dungeon.

Crafted items

The fastest way to obtaining 300 hit is by spending platinum. For each class there is a crafting ring and helmet with 53 hit avaiable. Because you can equip 2 rings this translates into 159 hit from these items alone. For some classes there are also weapons avaiable that provide 106 hit, but these are more expensive.


Craft cost of the rings are limited to +- 40 platinum. Often augments are added to improve the item stats. These augments can increase the price of the item by 250 platinum. These are however marginal improvements and therefore not required!



Cleric DPS and Heal: Callous Rhenium Coif
Cleric Tank: Reinforced Rhenium Coif 
Mage DPS and Heal:  Luminous Empyrean Cowl

Weapons (if you are going for 400 hit)

If you are a Cleric, Warrior or Rogue you might want to check out these…

Cleric DPS and Heal: Callous Rhenium Maul +106 hit for around 100 platinum
Warrior DPS: Ashora Far Rangers Axe +106 hit for around 200 platinum
Rogue Tank: Hardened Madrosa Striker +53 hit for around 100 platinum 

Hit runes

There should be no need for hit runes! If you do not have the hit, then you probably do not have the proper gear. If you still need more hit, these runes should come in handy.

Two HanderOne Hand, Offhand and RangedLegs, Helmet
+12 on Two hander, precise rune
+12 on Two hander, savvy rune 
+6 on One hand, Offhand and Ranged, precise runeshard
+6 on One hand, Offhand and Ranged, savvy runeshard 
 +18 hit and +5 Attack Power on Legs, Helmet, accurate rune
+18 hit and +5 Spellpower on Legs, Helmet, sharp rune