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So you want to learn more about Firefall Gliders? You have come to the right adress! This guide will cover all the basics and more advanced features of gliding.


Recap of the official Firefall Tutorial

You will need one of these:
The glider pad in Firefall
Fixed glider pads are found throguht the world. You can purchase or craft your own personal glider pad to place wherever you like. Some even have special colors and designs.

Keep the marks on either side of your reticle white:
An example of good gliding in Firefall
Yellow means you’re going to stall:
An example of bad gliding in Firefall. You will risk falling down when you are not using your glider correcly.
Try not to make sudden changes in direction, you might stall.

Types of Gliders in Firefall

Besides the fixed glider pads, there are seven main types of personal glider pads that you can place throughout the world. These personal glider pads are accesed via calldowns. All personal gliders go into cooldown if any one is activated. It goes into either own cooldown or the one activated (which either is shorter):

Type Reusable Available Cooldown Source
1-Use Glider Pad 120s Crafted, Player Market, Drops
Adventurers’ Glider Pad 30min Awarded for unlocking all SIN Towers
VIP Glider Pad 120s Red Beans Store
Quicksilver Glider Pad 120s Red Beans Store
* Glider Pad 120s Vending Machines, Player Market
Beta Crystite Glider Pad 120s Closed Beta reward
Accord Emergency Glider † 15min Open Beta reward

* comes with special designs offered seasonally. The * indicates a special name (e.g. Cherub).
† does not plant a glider pad, but instead immediately launches the player into the air.

Some gliders have attributes attached to their name:

  • Quickened reduces the glider’s cooldown by 3s.
  • Lofy gives a slight increase in height when jumping into the air.
  • Boosted gives a 2s boost when jumping into the air.

These attributes apply to the gliders owner. For example, if one of your gliders have the Boosted attribute, everytime you step on a glider pad (any glider pad), you will get a 2s boost. However, if I do not own a glider pad with the Boosted attribute, I will not get a boost (even if I step on one of yourglider pads).

What shift and space bar do while gliding

Pressing shift closes your wings while gliding. Releasing shift reopens them.

Pressing space initiates your jumpjets while gliding. They do not reopen.

If you hit terminal velocity (the kill speed), you cannot jumpjet or reopen your wings.

Combining abilities and calldowns

Some abilities and calldowns can be used to extend your glide or give you powered flight. This can be especially useful when completing the Going the Distance achievement (gliding over 5,000 meters without touching the ground).

Abilities that give you a boost can help extend your glide. For example, pitching up and activating afterburners will add height to your glide (remeber to pitch down to white to prevent stalling after the boost ends). Below is a list of abilities that can be used with glider pads:

  • Afterburner for Assaults
  • Inferno Dash for Firecat
  • Rocket Jump for Arsenal
  • Emergency Response for Dragonfly
  • Evacuate for Recluse

Mosquito wings is a consumable dropped by culexes that can give you powered flight while gliding. Activate Mosquito wings while gliding and then pitch up.

Hoverpads, available as either a consumable or a recharable calldown, can give you powered flight if you place it next a glider pad and walk over both at the same time.

Glider Recommendations

  • As long as the marks on either side your retcile are white, wherever you point your recticle is where you’re going to land. You can goo AFK or browse the market now.
  • Press F9 to toggle free look while you glide. Makes for good screenshots.
  • Glider duels. Find a friend, set a waypoint, and play cat and mouse with one trying to shoot down the other while trying to get to the waypoint.


Glider Graphicalindicates your glide angle and suggests changes for maximum distance.