Welcome to the Payday 2 Shadow Raid Heist. This map was a free DLC and available to all Payday 2 users. This map can only be completed on stealth. If guards contact the police a timer will start to run. Get in the car to escape. When the timer reaches zero you have failed the heist.

Guide overview

  1. Main objective
  2. Maps (custom made)
  3. New stuff introduced in the Shadow Raid Heist
  4. Assets overview
  5. Important information (facts, sewer, guards)
  6. Recommended skill tree points
  7. Personal procedure (including video)

1 Main Objective

To escape you will need to secure a number of bags, even if the alarm goes off. Therefore I recommend you secure other loot before you attempt to get the shogun armor from the vault. Keep in mind that the armor is not as heavy as the artifacts, so it’s not a problem to move the pieces around 😀

2 Shadow Raid Heist maps

I made a plan of the outside and a plan of the sewers, you can see the different ladders, doors, and floors.

There is no scale in these drawings.

Shadow Raid Heist map of the outside area in Payday 2

There can be four gates in the sewers and you onlyhave two bottles of thermal paste. So you have to choose which path(s) you want to unlock. If you have the boat zipline then I recommend you never open the metal gates near of the number 2 and  the one near between the number 5 and number 3.

Sewer map of the Shadow Raid Heist

Map of the warehouse in the Shadow Raid Heist

Containers that can be opened are marked with a “Murkywater” logo.Those containers generally hold money in them.

3 New stuff introduced in the Shadow Raid Heist


There are now crowbars that are a non consumable pickup in the Shadow Raid heist. They can be used to open crates. There is a list of crowbar locations.


Crate with a painting

A crate containing a painting in Shadow Raid Heist

Regular crate

A normal crate in Shadow Raid Heist

Metal gate (before you thermal paste it)

A metal gate before you thermal pasted it in Shadow Raid Heist

4 Assets overview

There are five assets available, each will be deducted from your spending cash:

body bags

+3 body bags for the team.

two thermal pastes

needed if you want to use the sewers efficiently, you can pass through 2 metal gates thanks to that. (cf : map)
extra note : 2 thermals paste is more than enough to take the bags efficiently 😉


2 locations of zipline are possible.  One zipline starts on the roof and finishes near the van location. The other one starts at the opposite location of the van and drops the bag in a boat. Only one zipline can appear at once. (you can see them on the map)

additionnal loot drop location

A randomly chosen garbage bin on the map, where you can secure loot or a location where you can send the bag above a wall.


Spot guards on the map for you. Useful, but not necessary. The map is big, and offers plenty of space to hide from guard view. Plus you have to have the ace spotter skill to have access to it.

5 Important information


  • Workers and guards can have key cards, but it seems they drop more often of the Murkywater guards (100% drop rate on camera guy, and the civilian in the orange jumpsuit).
  • A chopper will arrive during the heist (always around 5-7 minutes after the beginning). it will drop some Murkywater guards on the roof OR a container which contains a crate with an artifact in it (the containers dropped will be automatically opened).
  • Some Murkywater guards will often camp the same spot (and often the bad ones, like stairs), so be careful. It seems the guards dropped by the chopper are more inclined to camp somewhere.
  • Artifacts are heavy like a fusion engine !
  • Bags sent via zip lines can’t be spotted (even if you can see sometimes a interrogation mark when the roof zip line drops the bag at the end of the parkour, so it’s okay).
  • Murkywater guards have a flashlight in DeathWish difficulty!
  • You will need a crowbar to open crates on all difficulties.
  • You can activate the alarm of some trucks (only outside trucks it seems) to lure guards. I did not need to do that yet, but maybe it can make move some “campers” (but the  bad campers are inside :/).
  • [Tested in DW] There are only 3 or 4 Murkywater guards, and some of them are camping the same spot, so you can often clean the whole warehouse and loot =) (remember there are civilians too).
  • A keycard can spawn in the kitchen on some difficulties (never in DW or overkill).
    Keycard spawn location in the kitchen in Shadow Raid Heist

How to safely use the ladder in the sewers?

Step 1 : Before going down, face the ladder.
Step 2 : Go down. Crouch before going down works, but you can feel unsafe if you are not used to do it that way ^^, that’s why I explained the other method 😉

How to proceed

That is a tough question. You have different ways to operate, and it depends of what achievement you want to do.

  • If you want to get the 6 bags without killing anyone.  It’s pretty easy if you only want 6 bags.  If you want more, I recommend that you find a crowbar fast and rush all the loot you can near the stairs and other location where guards can camp. DO NOT HESITATE to take your time and use the roof to access the different parts of the warehouse instead of roaming endlessly around the same place.
  • If you want to take the shogun armour: finish the main goal first.  Then, find two key cards and open the vault (you have 10 seconds to use the 2 key cards!). It seems guards can spot the open vault!!! You can open the vault by yourself. Just leave one keycard on the floor near the vault and find another one. It will be hard though! (You need a bit of luck for this one).
    Vault door in Shadow Raid Heist
  • Use the Sewers!!! The sewers allow you to access the warehouse and get out bags easily! Do not forget to buy the thermal paste.
    In addition, do not forget that you have only two bottles of this, versus 4 gates/grids. You can still pass bags under the metal gates ;).

How do the guards inside the warehouse operate ?

On this map, you will never need to kill an outside guard (except if you make a mistake of course).[Tested on DW only] Schematic display of the way the guards work in Payday2 Shadow Raid HeistDo not forget there are civilians. They won’t notice the vault, but try to keep that clean =). This way you don’t need to take down cameras 😉 EXTRA NOTE: MOST (or all) of guards dropped by the chopper will camp a spot, and very often they will camp the first roof, so there is no problem 😉

6 Recommended skill tree unlocks

On that map, you don’t really need ECM. You may not need a single point in ghost at ALL. But I admit shinobi ACED is very usefull if you need to kill someone :/.

I personally get only Sprinter, Cleaner, Fast Hands and Shinobi in the Ghost tree(and i unlock tier 4 just for the +5 concealement bonus). I get Spotter in the Mastermind tree too, eventually ace it for the Spotter asset, which is very practical in here, as in many stealth maps. Well in all of them actually 🙂

Bonus: be able to dominate a guard can be good too, because those new guards are really tough if they are alerted ! So be careful. They can take a full clip from a stealth Car-4 very easily. So make SURE you are not detected if you wish to kill one. They also have a high chance (at least in my experience) to hold a keycard. So don’t worry if you don’t want to respec ! it’s okay if you keep that clean.

7 My personnal procedure

I will explain my personal way of doing it to you. It all depends of the position of the zip line/loot drop of course.

Assets :

I always take all the assets, they are all usefull (spotter is the least usefull).

Steps :

  • Step 1 :

I take a thermal paste, then I run to the street at the left of the entrance and I take the ladder.

  • Step 2 :

If I’m able to jump on the roof, I do so and I enter the warehouse by taking the door at the left (it’s the only one open^^)

  • Step 3 :

I take all the loot I can find on this floor (the server room first). For the loot I have two choices depending on the zipline location :

– If the zipline is sea side, i’m able to throw bag down from the first floor or the roof (watch out of the location of the guard outside, he can see bags).

– If the zipline is roof side, I can bring bags here, but it’s a bit long and if a guard block my path, I rather use a trashbin to take the loot (if the trash bin is easy to access).

  • Step 4 :

Now i’m able to go to the ground floor. I surely get a crowbar because until now, I passed by many crowbar spots.

I take all the loot that is not in crates, and I get the loot to the sewers via the access we have at this floor.

  • Step 5 :

At this point we get enough bags to leave if we count the bags we can find in the containers (i always to containers last). But we can also continue and take the loot from crates (watch out with artifact, they are heavy) !

  • Step 6 :

If during all those steps, I succeeded to make a guard drop a keycard on the ground near of the vault, I will not loot it and find another, to be able to open the vault alone.

  • Step 7 :

Time to take the loot and leave ! For that I will use the thermal paste at the right spot, depending of the zipline location. For that, I enter the sewer from the warehouse :

– If the zipline is sea side : I use the thermal paste to access it fast.

– If the zipline is roof side : I use the thermal paste on the path which bring me closer of the van (my goal is to bring bags to the number 4 => cf maps)

Note : Bags can be thrown under a metal gate !

  • Extra note :

During all those steps, I try to clean the warehouse by killing all the MOVING guards. Like that, if the chopper comes around after 5-6 minutes and brings only a containers, the area is free for movement (don’t forget civilians).

And yeah, on this map, some guards  stop moving and camp a spot (mostly the first floor of the warehouse, but not always).

Note : if the chopper bring guards, most of them will camp somewhere (and mostly the first floor too^^). So sometimes, extra guards are not a problem !

solo video

Here is a video for the last two achievements. I will walk faceless among men, I am a ninja. There are many mistakes made in this video. But the goal is to complete the mission, even if it take time.

Shadow Raid Heist achievements

Interested in the achievements? Please checkout the Shadow Raid Heist achievements guide.

That’s all folks ! FAQ !

Q: How should I play this heist if I don’t want to change my specialization?

A: You only need a few points in ghost (Shinobi is the most important one in case of fight btw).  You can definitely do that without a single point in ghost do not worry =) You need rather stealthy weapons and a suit more then a heavy ghost build.

Q: How do I get a low detection?
A: You need to take a weapon and mod it with concealment mods, I personally get car-4 + Gruber for that, but it’s work with many other weapons too!
There are tons of guides that will answer this question better anyway 😀

Q : My question does not appear here ! WTF ?
A : Just ask your question by posting a comment =D, I will answer it ASAP

Q : Why does Overkill hate loud players?
A : Because they are ghost ninja developers.