The Shadow Raid heist map has several possible spawns for important items. You will need to find both crowbars and containers for your mission to succeed.

Shadow Raid Heist maps

The following maps mark containers and crowbars. In the Shadow Raid heist containers that can be opened generally hold money. Ingame the containers that can be opened are marked with a “Murkywater” logo. Crowbars are needed to open crates, see general guide.

Shadow Raid Heist map of the outside area in Payday 2


Map of the warehouse in the Shadow Raid Heist

Stealth guide

If you have no idea how to complete this map then please check the Shadow Raid Heist stealth guide.

Crowbar locations

You can find crowbars at these locations (I certainly missed some locations !!):

  • In the Murkywater container which is on top of another container:
    Location of the crowbar on a murkywater container in Shadow Raid Heist
  • On the table in the kitchen (level N) :
    Crowbar on the kitchen table on level N in Shadow Heist Raid
  • Take the stairs from the roof (through the already open door). Once you get to the bottom, you might find a crowbar  to the right on a shelf.
    Crowbar on a metal shelf at the bottom of the stairs in Payday 2 Shadow Raid Heist
  • In the sewers, near exit number five.
    Crowbar in the sewers near exit number 5
  • On a crate in the warehouse near the vault.
    Crowbar on a crate near the vault in Shadow Raid Heist
  • Near the server room.
    Location of a crowbar near the server room
  • On the metal shelves near the cams room.
    Location of a crowbar near the security room in Shadow Raid Heist
  • Take the ladder in the left alley, and you will find one.
    Location of a crowbar up the ladder in the left alley in Shadow Raid Heist
  • Against a wall (sea side), near a possible guard location.
    Location of a crowbar at a seaside wall near a guard spawn location


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