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This Payday 2 guide contains all the information about the Big Bank Heist in stealth.

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist DLC consists of  two parts; the “Entrance” and the “Vault area”. The Entrance has a ground floor, a first floor and roof. The Vault area has a ground floor and a first floor. The objectives are spread across these segments. Obviously we will take a different approach for stealth compared to the loud guide.


The Big Bank Heist guide series

For your convenience Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist guides have been split into several posts.

  1. Big Bank Heist: Preplanning and new stuff
  2. Big Bank Heist: Loud guide
  3. Big Bank Heist: Stealth guide (here)
  4. Big Bank Heist: achievements

Big Bank Heist Stealth objectives

You are about to do The Big Bank Heist, I will explain the steps required for the stealth.

  1. Find the server room and hack the computer inside
  2. Hack the right computer
  3. Use the code on the pre-vault area door / enter vault area
  4. Use the fingerprint device on the vault
  5. Push the two green buttons
  6. Hack the manager’s computer in order to get the code for the vault
  7. Enter the code, then open the vault.
  8. Escape !

1 Find the server room

Nothing special, find the server room and hack the computer inside. In Payday your stealth allies are : keycards and ECM for doors(Ghost tree).
– Note : there is a small chance this computer is the right one !!!!

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist the server room


2 Hack the right computer

The Entry hall has offices on the first and second floor that each have several computers, you need to hack the right one. Obviously for stealth you want to avoid getting detected.

Ground floor pc areaFirst floor pc area

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist ground floor computer area


Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist first floor computer area


There is a way to spot the right computer, when you hack the computer in the server room, a computer make a BEEP BEEP BEEP sound(the same as the metal detectors) and display something on the screen at the same time(operation failed, you can’t miss it) => it’s the right computer !
Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist how to spot the right computer to hack
– Note : you can interact an unlimited amount of times with the computer in the server room !

3.1 Use the code on the pre-vault door

This step is a bit complicated

Location of the vault door

Spawn of the pre-vault door is random, it can be on the Ground floor or first floor.

Ground floorFirst floor

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist the acces door to the vault area on the ground floor

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist the acces door to the vault area on the first floor


You will need to enter the code and wait for the time lock (3 minutes normally, 2 minutes 30 secs if you get the asset). During the timelock severall things happen.

Elevators spawns

Elevators will spawn two persons (1 civilian + 1 guard, OR 2 civilians). Those persons can spawn from the same elevator, but never at the same time (even if the 2 spawn moments can be very close each other….), Bain will warn you when the elevators moves.


The phone will ring around the end of the time lock, it’s the GenSec ! Bain will take the call, there is two possibilities

  1. Bain will success to convince the GenSec, and all goes well.
  2. Bain will fail to convince the GenSec, and 3 cops* (without pagers) will enter the bank.

*this number is for DeathWish difficulty; there are less cops in lower difficulties.

Important: Guards and cameras spot the opened door access to the vault area!!! It’s dangerous if the gensec come (expect if the door is at the ground floor, you can kill them safely in there => watch out for the canteen anyway).

Bypass the lasers

There are two ways to deal with the lasers

  • You can disable the lasers by putting two key cards (you can insert key cards at any moment),
  • You can pass through by crouching

If you want to crouch: Lasers have different patterns, but if you memorize it, you can pass easily (watch out with sync problems !). Some patterns have 3 positions, some have5-6 positions, good luck with stealth =D.

3.2 Enter the Vault area

You now enter the Vault area. The camera room can spawn at different locations.

From here, remember you can use the phones i show in the new items sections to lure guards !

Note : in this area, i found a safe place to put a body bag, in the maintenance room (this room does not always spawn):

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist safe spot to place a body bag

4 Use the fingerprint device on the vault

You need to interact with the fingerprint’s vault device, nothing more.

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist the vault door

5 Push the two green buttons(DON’T YOU DARE PUSH DAT BUTTON!!)

There is 2 security consoles in that area (cf : maps), there is no door to open.
Just go interact with those 2 green buttons.

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist the security area with the green button

6 Hack the manager’s computer in order to get the code for the vault

You need to go back in the Entrance part and hack the manager’s computer to get the code for the vault. His office is always at the end of the “Manager corridor” (cf : maps)

Payday 2 The Big Bank Heist hack the computer in the managers office


7 Enter the code, then open the vault

You now need to go back to the vault, enter the code, then turn the valve to open the vault (remember the vault needs around 20 seconds to open). Now you have almost succesfully completed The Big Bank Heist on stealth.

  • It seems there is always 12 bags to make in the vault, if you want more, you will need to open some boxes =)
  • Guards will not see the vault open (even during the opening !)

8 Escape ! (depend of the escape asset)

Take a look to the escape you choose in the pre-planning phase ! (cf : assets)
– Advice : The Elevator trick is maybe the best to take the loot in stealth.
– Note : metal doors can be opened thanks to the keys (cf : new stuff), it’s random each time you interact with the door. But you have as many tries as you want.

Default escape : Van

You will need to bring the loot in the van, you can throw the bag from the first floor roof, or from the garage if you get the asset to open the garage door.

Elevator trick

You will need to take the loot in the elevator, the van wait for you in the parking lot !

ClosedOpenedThe parking lot





Recommended preplanning

I personally prefer the following preplanning setup for a stealth approach to The Big Bank Heist:


  • Escape via elevators (6 favor points)
  • One extra keycard (2 favor points) => i don’t get ECM for doors ^^ shame on me.
  • One body bag asset (2 favor points) OR locate keybox (2 favor points)

Note : there is plenty of good assets in there (I’m thinking about the spycam asset), the best way to be sure of what you want, is to test =)

Walkthrough for this preplanning setup

I noticed that cameras and guards spot the access door when it’s open, so i kill the 2 guards (preferably in a safe spot where only ’employee’ civilians come, like the stairs near the garage) and I kill the 3rd guard when he come from the elevators.
I don’t have ECM for doors, and the random keycard on the map or on the manager (or safe) can be hard to get, that’s why I get the extra keycard asset.

I try to kill like 0 civilian (even if I often kill/tie many of the moving employees), so I need to get the correct computer on the ground floor.
If I had the good computer at the first floor, I will have to clean the floor by killing/tying everyone and hide them in the same spot (usually behind a desk at the center), I will need to be sure only few civilians (or 0) can move upstairs.

Usually I manage to clean or hide the “issues”, so the extra Gensec guards are never a problem if I didn’t destroy cameras before.

The hard part is to know which guard is moving or not, once I know that, I just have to be careful.
Two scenarios :
– If I have 2 pagers left, i will try to take down the camera room.
– If I have 1 pager left, i will keep it in case of problem.
I just have to be careful for the last steps, many bags can be taken so I try to do the best of course(best meaning taking a huge number of bags OFC) =)

Additional information

Guards in The Big Bank Heist Stealth

The number of guards depends on the difficulty setting. In the Vault area, some guards will not move at all, it will be useful to notice which guard(s) move or not. SR game mechanic, generally they are placed in locations that will not harm your way, hopefully…. Otherwise, you’d better save a body bag and a bullet 🙂


On Deathwish,  there are 2 guards in the Entrance part (+ 1 potential one who comes from the elevator when the time lock runs down), and there are 5 guards in the Vault area (without counting the camera room guy) .


On  normal, there are 2 guards in the Entrance part (+ 1 potential one who comes from the elevator when the time lock runs down), and 3 guards in the Vault Area (without counting the camera room guy)

Civilians in The Big Bank Heist Stealth?

Most of those moving civilians are clients (they got an appointment etc…), but you will find out some civilians go to some private area (like the management corridor or the desks at the ground floor), those civs are employees, they will be easy to tie. Hide them near the ladder of the roof or other safe places.


The civs which spawn with elevator act always like employees. (they got white shirt and a tie)

Normal civilians spawn in the street, and all the time.


Employees usually travel all around the place too, stop at the counter to take client, and go away again.

There are always four employees (without counting the ones who can spawn via elevators):

  • Male Bank Manager
  • Female White Bank Manager
  • Female Black Bank Manager
  • Fat Woman (sry, but easy to describe that way)

How to clean the upstairs offices without being detected?

If the good computer is upstairs and you can’t do that like a stealth ninja, you need that section.

You just need to kill/tie every employee seat at a computer, of course you will need to control client if needed, but watch out to civs who are already on the way of this area, you will need to control them too. DON’T FORGET CAMERAS =).
Once that done, no more civilians will come upstairs (expect the employee i mention before, and guards).

Next guide: Big Bank Heist: achievements