GameplayInside has updated to 1.4. The content management system (WordPress) and all it’s plugins have been updated to the latest version. At the same time the database has been optimized reducing it from 35MB to just over 9 MB!

Here is a list of stuff that changed…

Design touches in update 1.4

Besides the technical effort some design changes were implemented.

Disqus Comments

I was not really happy with the original comment system. You could post a comment with your Facebook or Google account. However when you came back and entered your information it would not work. Basically does not store your user data so you had to search for a little icon in order login. This was not very practical and did not make a lot of sense.

The new Disqus comment system is widely adopted. Do not fear if you have no Disqus account. It also allows you to login with Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Disqus comments


Footer update

The old social login on the footer was replaced with “Become a writer”.

Updated footer


Social sidebar

In order to increase social ‘sharing’ a giant floating sidebar was added. I hope you like it!

Floating Social Share bar


New Header with navigation

Some articles have multiple pages and or tags. However associated navigation could be better. This update puts them nicely in the blue box.

Tags and Pagination now included in blue title box.


New header without navigation

Best part about this update is that it also removes the white gap between the blue box and the beginning of the article when navigation or tags are not needed! This gap was actually 40 pixels so it was hard to miss.

No space wasted when there are no pagination and tags.


Feel free to contact me though the contact form or in the comments with suggestions.