GameplayInside 1.1

Hi guys, I thought it might be time to let you guys know what I have been up to. Obviously you can see new content being added but often there is also a lot of stuff going on in the background!

This update introduced some new features and fixes some stuff I have not been happy with. I have been sifting through 250+ video files of Rift raiding footage in preparation for video guides. This allowed me to upload a lot of bosses. Furthermore Tropico 5 has released and I decided to write guides for that.

Most important features

  • Tags are now displayed on each post
  • Your Google account can be used to register on GameplayInside
  • Posts can be split into multiple pages

Most important changes

  • Facebook like buttons have been part of the website for some time. However they were displayed inconsistently due to a plug-in. They are now hardcoded at the top and bottom of each post.
  • I also took a good look at the readability of my guide. I personally had trouble quickly reading them. To fix this problem I have changed the Font type to a more user friendly format. Furthermore a lot of redundant margins (white space) between headings and other elements has been removed. Resulting in a compact and more user friendly experience.
  • The menu has been extended to include the missing categories (+-6  new additions). . Furthermore the structure of the Rift menu was not that clear, it had a lot of sub menu’s. Most of the items have been moved up to correct this
  • Finally the styling has received an update. I have been using shortcodes to generate css based boxes for a while. However this is not editor friendly and not Google friendly. Therefore I have created a new, but similar, Tab based look for all headings. Heading 2 will have a blue tab and Heading 3 will be orange. I also allowed tables to alternate background color for improved readability.

Complete list for GameplayInside 1.1

Large Content update

  • Tropico guides
  • Rift Grim Awakening boss kill videos (4)
  • Rift ToTDQ rapid assult video (4 bosses)


  • You can now login with a Google account (register>press Google icon)


  • Complete overhaul of the Rift menu for easier navigation
  • Added new games to the menu (Tropico, Craft the World, Other games)
  • Added Hardware and Software to the menu.
  • Added the ability to split posts into pages and navigate between them (as applied in Gaming storage options in 2014 )

Social media

  • Added Facebook like buttons to the top AND bottom of of all pages


  • Moved the search box up from below the tag cloud
  • Changed the Search box text to blue and made it bold
  • Removed the category splitter on the frontpage
  • Increased the default number of posts displayed from 10 to 15.
  • Decreased font size for post titles.
  • Changed font type for improved reading
  • Added Tags to the top and bottom of all pages
  • New style for headings
  • Lowered margins between a lot of elements for improved reading


  • Updated website software
  • Decreased database size by 60% (improved website speeds)
  • Installed a caching plugin
  • Banned individual users instead of .ua and .ru domains.
  • Started using slightly smaller pictures (1280×720).