Tropico 5 Dynasty

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Tropico 5 features a Dynasty instead of a single president. You can get up to 7 Dynasty members and each member has a trait. In Tropico 4 one president had 3 traits. Dynasty members that are not active as president can boost buildings as managers and will roam the map. The President will get his Global Effect doubled!



tropico 5 dynasty guide As demonstrated in the screenshot Global effects of all dynasty members apply to your current game. In this example my Dynasty increases;

  • my building effectiveness by 2
  • houses are 5% cheaper to construct
  • job quality is increased by 1.

Keep in mind that the President will get his Global Effect doubled.


Type Global effect
Administrator service buildings construction cost decreased by 10%
Agent detects hidden roles in Tropico 20% faster
Agitator converts 2 voters when cheating on elections
Altruist grants $2000 bonus starting money
Celebrety foreign aid increased by 10%
Cheapskate all constructions are 4% cheaper
Environmentalist reduces pollution in Tropico by 10
Financier grants $100 annual income
Foreman global effectiveness of production buildings increased by 2
General all Tropican soldiers inflict 2% more damage
Green thumb increases tourism rating by 6
Landlord residential constructions are 5% cheaper
Magnate mining and oil deposits are depleted 25% slower
Supervisor construction speed increased by 20%
Union leader increases job quality of all workers in Tropico by 1
Mentor Students graduate 10% faster
Money grubber Increases all Swiss bank account gains by 1%
Tycoon increased effectiveness of all buidlings on max budget by 1

Best Traits

First trait (New game/Colonial era)

So what are the best traits to start your Tropico 5 game with? I personally recommend Cheapskate. Having a 4% percentage discount on everything you build is pretty awesome. Compared to that traits like the Financier are not really worth it. Why get $income when you can get an $800 dollar discount on every $20.000 you build?

Second trait (World War Era and later)

When your island reaches the World War era industries become very profitable (see guide: link). However all of these industries require high school employees. Therefore I can really recommend the Mentor making students graduate 10% quicker. This way you get these factories going 10% faster and thus start earning more money 10% quicker.

Third trait (World War era and later)

Once you have a decent economy it might be wise to get a Foreman. The foreman increases the global effectiveness of all your production buildings by 2. So that Textile mill will generate about $280 additional profit. It might not seem much but this applies to all production buildings, so it starts to add up. Basically it is a 2% boost on the biggest part of your income. So if you earn $20.000 from production buildings you will gain $500, $50.000 will earn $1000 and $100.000 will earn $2000.

Managers and El Presidenté

Each election the player can choose which of his Dynasty members should run for president. The other Dynasty members can be assigned as managers in buildings. Managers are a new feature in Tropico 5. After researching “Foremen” you can select a manager for production buildings. Future researches also unlock managers for military buildings (Generals) and Entertainment buildings (Executives).These managers feature boosts such as increased effectiveness and decreased pollution.

Type Manager effect
Administrator maximum numer of costumers serviced increased by 30%
Agent detect the hidden roles of 20% of the workers in the building
Agitator increases workers approval for the regime by 1
Altruist increased worker income bracket
Celebrity increased hotel service quality by ?
Cheapskate budget of the managed building decreased by 16%
Environmentalist reduces pollution in the vicinity by 30
Financier increases building revenu by 5%
Foreman effectiveness increased and job quality reduced by 10
General military buildings efectiveness increased by 10
Green thumb increases beauty in the vicinity by 10
Landlord increases housing quality of nearby residents by 5%
Magnate mining and oil buildings effectiveness increased by 10
Supervisor building effectiveness increased by 10
Union leader worker job quality increased by 10
Mentor effectiveness for other nearby buildings increased by 1
Money grubber increases budget by 5%. Stolen money goed to the Swiss bank account

New heir

The dynasty can be extended with the New Heir in-game event.

tropico5 new heir options

After selecting the competition type (Arm wrestling, Singing or Synchronized swimming) the player can select a new heir from 3 traits. tropico5 new heir magnate mentor moneygrubber The trait options are determined by the competition type.

Leveling traits and swiss bank account

Each trait can be leveled from 1 star to 5 stars There are multiple ways to increase your star rating. Tropico 5 will sometimes provide an opportunity to send a dynasty member to a foreign university. When the Dynasty member returns he will have gained a skill level. Be carefull, sometimes a member decides not to return!

Usually you will make use of your Swiss bank account to level traits. Different traits have different upgrade costs. Most traits will cost $10.000 to upgrade. If you have recently acquired the Dynasty member it will be $50.000 until completion of the scenario.

Increasing the Swiss bank account

There are a few ways to generate income for the Swiss bank account

Random events

Random events with multiple options often provide an option for fixed amount to be added to your Swiss bank account tropico5 swiss bank account quest

Building permit edict

The building permit edict makes buildings more expensive. The extra costs fill your Swiss bank account. tropico5 edict building permit

Bank – Slush fund

Banks normally provide interest based on your treasury. However Penultimo has informed me that El Presidenté can select the slush fund operation. With the Slush fund active banks will no longer provide interest, instead they add part of the treasury to your Swiss bank account each month. tropico5 swiss bank bank slush fund