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Stellaris: New player guide

Stellaris is the latest Space 4X game from the Paradox Development Studio. It is a grand strategy in a space exploration setting. If this sounds too complicated then just think of it as Civilization in space. In the end of the day your decisions will determine if your space faring empire will prosper or be conquered.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 performance benchmarks – Is it worth the wait?

Earlier today a french tech website posted their GTX 1070 benchmarks. So how good is the GTX 1070, is it worth the wait??? As far as GameplayInside is concerned: It definitely is!

GameplayInside update 1.7 – Harder, better, faster, stronger

It has been a while since I have posted about Gameplay Inside’s updates, but do not worry everything over at GameplayInside is still maintained quite nicely.

Tropico 5 Guide: Overview of all campaign missions with tips (completed)

Stuck on a mission in Tropico 5? Want to know which Mission is next? GameplayInside presents an overview of all Tropico 5 campaign mission.

Planetbase guide – The best food recipes

In Planetbase food is essential. Without it your colonists will not only die, you will also refuse to work! Simply serving up the same vegetables a day will cause disease so you better make sure you understand recipes.

Big Pharma Review: a puzzle and business simulator

Big Pharma is a complex puzzle game and business simulator where you have to create an assembly line that converts raw ingredients into pharmaceutical cures.

Star Wars Battlefront – Preview

If you’re a Battlefront and Star Wars fan, then a game title like Star Wars Battlefront 2015 might just be enough to have you reaching deep into your pockets and throwing your money at EA. However, you may want to slow down and have a look at what content (or lack of) it has on offer.

Act of Aggression review: The new command and conquer generals?

Act of Aggression introduction Act of Aggression is a brand new RTS (Real...

Tropico 5: Waterborne DLC campaign overview of all missions

Tropico 5’s Waterborne DLC Tropico 5’s first expansion pack is...

Endless Legends Guide – The Vaulters

The Vaulters are an interesting faction that turns winter into an advantage. They worship strategic resources that allow them to boost their income and teleport their military units between any friendly city. During winter they gain 200% of their strategic resource income…

GameplayInside update 1.6 – Hostdeko and Captions

It has been a while since the last official update, but no worries the site has improved! Over the past months we have seen a lot of new content, the introduction of Hostdeko, two new affiliates and a few design changes. Keep on reading to find out more.

Civilization V: Brave New World Guide (updated)

Brave New World is the latest Expansion for Civilization V. It adds 10 civilizations and leaders, 8 wonders, 5 national wonders and several units and buildings. Most importantly it introduces new gameplay mechanics! GamplayInside explains all the changes and improvements in the latest Civilization V expansion.

Craft the World tips and tricks

Introduction Craft The World is a mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria and Dwarf...

Move files to and from your SSD without reinstalling by using Symbolic Links

Ever wish you could move games and other apps to and from your SSD without the need for reinstalling them? Symbolic links allow you to do exactly that! Using symbolic links you can maximize the usable space on your SSD.

21:9 Ultrawide monitor review

Ultrawide 21:9 monitors have been around for a few years but only recently...