The Guide

You have a cleric and you want to learn how to DPS? Or you already know, but you are tired of applying those Dark Water stacks? This build will provide great DPS with a more forgiving rotation…

This guide will show you how to do some awesome DPS with your cleric as a ranged caster. This build has awesome burst damage and even has a cleanse to help out your healer. Furthermore you can spam your macro whilst moving. Because the build uses two debuffs it is advisable to use an addon like Karuul Alert to assist with keeping track.

Advantages of the talent build:

  1. Awesome burst damage
  2. (Semi) permanent damage bonus of 15% on all damaging abilities
  3. Spam your macro whilst moving
  4. Better DPS on target switching
  5. Not losing 3K dps from letting Dark Water stacks fall off
  6. Cleanse to assist your healers
  7. Trinke heals from Salvation

Advantages of the guide:

  1. Easy to learn!
  2. For all skill levels: New Player / Basic (Raid)  / Advanced rotations
  3. Ability bar layout screenshot
  4. Explanation of Inquisitor mechanics
  5. Copy pastable Macro’s
  6. Complete Karuul Alert set (Addon)

Disclaimer: This build is superior better for 90% of the players out there (all players not doing Plane Breaker bastion). Thanks to the 15% damage boost it is much more forgiving. This build is not the new theorycrafted best DPS build on a static dummie (or even on a static boss).

*Update: Karuul Alerts work now*

Compared with Ahov (skip this if you are a new Cleric)

The “best” dps spec, according to guide write Ahov, is the 61 inquisitor / 10 cabalist/ 5 defiler spec. While Ahov’s guide are never “newbie” friendly this build also has some disadvantages.

  1. You are investing  3 global cooldowns on applying Dark Water stacks. This results in a low damage start.
  2. It requires attention to refresh Dark Water Stacks before they “fall off”. If you let them fall off, you have to re-apply 3 stacks. This will definitely hurt your dps!
  3. The previous mechanic  contradicts the other debuffs; vex and scourge. On these debuffs it is better to let them fall off. (Because if you refresh it before the next damage “tick” you do NOT lose dps, and you can still use the GCD on a different ability).

So instead of explaining Ahov’s guide I will tell you about my favorite spec; the 61 Inquisitor /15 Defiler. It has no dark water! So that saves a lot of trouble… Because you are not wasting 3 GCD (global cooldowns) on applying the stacks the starting DPS is much higher. Useful for a lot of situations! On long parses you will lose about 500 dps on a 15.500 dps parse.


Talents lost

  • -10% wisdom
  • -10% damage on delayed /DoT abilities

Talents gained

  • +5% damage/healing/absorption
  • +10% damage/healing/absorption when above 90% health

New Abilities

  • +Cleanse
  • +Instant heal (about 2000)

Lost abilities

  • -Tyranny of Death/ Curse of Discord (AoE)
  • -Bound by fate / Shadow’s Touch (Not useful!)
  • -Dark Water stacks

The Setup


61 inquisitor /15 defiler / 0 Justicar

I recommend using Justicar for Salvation. You could keep 0 Cabalist but because you will not use Bound by fate or Shadow’s Touch anyway.

Essential abilities
  • BoJ macro*
  • BoR macro*
  • BoD macro*
  • Scourge
  • Vex
  • Spiritual Deficiency (not in Raids)
  • Nysur’s Rebuke
  • Radial Coalesence
  • Confound (interrupt)
  • Purge
  • Soul Drain
  • Circle of Oblivion


I recommend not using more than 5 button for spells that you need to use often, and during movement (WSAD). To accomplish this the interrupt is on mouse5. Rebuke and Radieal Coallescence are on shift-mouse4 and shift-mouse5. The final keys are Q,E,R for the Purge, Soul Drain (AOE) and Circle of Oblivion (AoE).

BoJ Macro (advanced)

#show Bolt of Judgment
cast Sanction Heretic
cast bolt of judgment
cast marrow harvest

BoR Macro

#show Bolt of Retribution
cast Sanction Heretic
cast bolt of retribution
cast bolt of judgment
cast marrow harvest

BoD Macro (finisher)

#show bolt of depravity
cast fanaticism
cast bolt of depravity

  • Spiritual Protection: 65 resistance on party
  • Shroud of Agony: 20% chance to deal death damage to 10 nearby enemies over 6s
  • Armor of Awakening: Increase damage done by 10% and Critical Hit 5%
  • Spriritual Scrutiny: Reduce GCD of ranged abilities by 0.5s and mana cost by 35%, ignores 20% armor, reduce cast time of Bolt of Judgement by 1.5s
  • Rage Blight: When damage applies rage: Increases damage by 1%, stacks 5x
  • Blighted Greed: Trigger rage when the targets is damaged (apply on tank)

Basically Sprititual Scrutiny and Armor of Awakening are your most import buffs, besides those, all are important except Spiritual Protection.

Basic mechanics


All damaging spells provide the caster with 1 stack of Life and Death Concord. At 5 stacks the player will receive “Unified Theory“. This will change the 3 seconds cast time of your Bolt of Deprevity (BoD) to instant. Therefore it is similar to attack points of the warrior and combo points on the rogue. Fanatism will give a 100% crit chance. Because Bolt of Deprevity is your hardest hitting spell we combine this with Fanatism in a macro. 

There is one issue though! The rift interface does NOT show these stacks anywhere but the top right menu. Therefore you are advised to use an AddOn like Karuul Alert to track the stacks. For more info check this guide: How to Track stacks with Karuul Alert (INSERT URL HERE)


Nysyr’s Rebuke is a 3 second channeled cast that provides you with 4 stacks. Create 5 stacks by casting another spell before, or after Rebuke.  To maximize your dps never cast it when you already have a few stacks. If you already have some stacks then first use your regular spells to gain 5 stacks, use your finisher (BoD) and THEN use Rebuke.

Keep in mind that you cannot move while casting rebuke, and you cannot spam keys during rebuke. Spamming keys will cancel the channeled spell!

Radial Coallescence

The Radial Coallesence will reset the Cooldown of ALL your abilities AND provide you with 5 stacks. It will reset both Rebuke and Fanatism! After activating Radial Coallesence you can spam BoD Macro twice (fanatism+finisher), Rebuke, spam Macro, and finisher to gain a nice damage burst.

To maximize dps make sure that Rebuke is already on cooldown. If it will be ready in <15 seconds then wait for it!

Cast time reduction (advanced!)

There is some dps gain in this mechanic (about 500) but it does require another Karuul Alert and a lot of attention from the user. Therefore it is advanced and not obligated!

Every time you transform your 5 stacks into damage with your finisher, you will receive a new buff called Echoing Concord. This buff will reduce the cast time of your next Bolts by 0.5 seconds. However thanks to your Buffs  Bolt of Justice is already instant. Therefore casting this ability when you have Echoing Concord does not make sense! Instead you should use it on Bolt of Retribution (1.5 second cast).

Generally after your first round of burst spells (see rotation) you will have  6 stacks of Echoing Concord. This means you should be spamming Bolt of Retribtution for a while. When you run out of stacks, switch back to Bolt of Justice.

DPS overview when only casting these spells:
  • BoJ only: 9913
  • BoR only: 9939
  • Advanced: 10100
The Rotation
New player only - 12k dpsBasic - 15K dpsAdvanced = 15.5K dps

Rotation New level 60 only – 12.000 DPS*

This rotation is NOT recommend but intended as a starting point for playing Inquisitor in dungeons. Using the debuffs and finisher is a big step up from having no clue what to do.

For the “Noob” rotation  you will have to memorize the 6 steps of starting the fight. After that just keep spamming and focus on staying alive. Use AddOns to know when to refresh Scourge and Vex and Spiritual Deficiency. Keep in mind that you do NOT need the BoJ Advanced Macro on your ability bar.

Step1: Start your fight

  1. Spiritual Deficincy
  2. Scourge
  3. Vex
  4. Rebuke
  5. 1x BoR
  6. 2x BoD (finisher)

Step2: Spamming

  1. spam BoR Macro untill 5 stacks
  2. BoD Macro as finisher
  3. (Scourge if needed)
  4. (Vex if needed)
  5. (Spiritual deficiency if needed)

Basic rotation – 15.000 DPS*

The basic rotation will be the complete rotation except for the advanced BoJ/BoR mechanic. The hard thing here is learning a move I named “The burst”. You should practise this on a target dummie.

This rotation is raid approved.

Step1: Apply Debuffs

  1. Spiritual Deficiency *not in Raids*
  2. Scourge
  3. Vex

Step2: The burst

  1. 1x BoR macro (Sanction Heretic)
  2. Rebuke
  3. 2x BoD macro (for fanatism/finisher)
  4. Radial Coallesence
  5. 2x BoD macro
  6. 1x BoR macro (Sanction Heretic)
  7. Rebuke
  8. 1x BoD macro (finisher only!)

Step 3: Re-apply debuffs

  1. Scourge
  2. Vex

Step4: Spam

  1. Spam Bor Macro untill 5 stacks
  2. BoD Macro

After this keep spamming unless:

  1. Re-apply debuffs (step 3) when needed = every 15 seconds
  2. In a dungeon refresh Spiritual Deficiency every minute
  3. Use Rebuke when ready
  4. Back to the burst (step2). Make sure you wait for Rebuke to be ready, it will be behind +-15 seconds on Radial Coallesence*

*If you do not wait for Rebuke you can only cast Rebuke once; after Radial Coallesence. If you wait 15 seconds you can follow The burst and have a double Rebuke 🙂

 Advanced Rotation 15.500 DPS*

The above rotation can be intimidating for new users. Once you have it in your muscle memory you can complicate things further and do the Advanced Rotation. The Advanced Rotation will use the Advanced Mechanic of Echoing Concord listed above.

This rotation will switch between Bolt of Retribution and Bolt of Judgement depending on the Buff Echoing Concord being present or not. The first steps of the rotation are identical because at that time you will have your Echoing of Concord active. However it is the “spam” phase that gets more complicated.

Step 4 in detail:

In order to spam successfully you will have to track the buff “Echoing Concord”. After your first burst you will generally have to do 5 times BoR. After that you will do about 4 BoR. Now your stacks have depleted and for the fifth stack you switch to BoJ. With your stacks at 5 you use your finisher. This grants 2 new stacks of Echoing concord. Hence you will have to spam BoR twice, after that your stacks are gone. Continue with BoJ to get 5 stacks. The finisher will grant 2 new stacks> 2x BoR, 3x Boj, Finisher, Repeat!

To be exact:  After “The burst” you start with 6 stacks, spam BoR 5x (1 stack left) and finish (gain 2 extra=3). Keep in mind that Sanction Heretic will NOT consume a stack. Therefore we spam BoR 4x while there are only 3 stacks left. So spam 4x BoR (0 stacks left) and use spam BoJ for the first time and finish (gain 2 stacks). After this you will always use 2x BoR, 3x BoJ.

Step1: Apply Debuffs

  1. Spiritual Deficiency *not in Raids*
  2. Scourge
  3. Vex

Step2: The burst

  1. 1x BoR macro (Sanction Heretic)
  2. Rebuke
  3. 2x BoD macro (for fanatism/finisher)
  4. Radial Coallesence
  5. 2x BoD macro
  6. 1x BoR macro (Sanction Heretic)
  7. Rebuke
  8. 1x BoD macro (finisher only!)

Step 3: Re-apply debuffs

  1. Scourge
  2. Vex

Step4: Spam

  1. Echoing Concord active> Spam Bor Macro untill 5 stacks
  2. Echoing Cocnord NOT active> Spam BoJ Macro untill 5 stacks
  3. BoD Macro

After this keep spamming unless

  1. Re-apply debuffs (step 3) when needed = every 15 seconds
  2. In a dungeon refresh Spiritual Deficiency every minute
  3. Use Rebuke when ready
  4. Back to the burst (step2). Make sure you wait for Rebuke to be ready, it will be behind +-15 seconds on Radial Coallesence*

*DPS Purpose is to show the gains from the different rotations. These numbers are based on a raid boss dummie with a tier 1 gear set (520 hit, 2517 wisdom, 5626 spellpower, 2390 spellcrit, 304 critpower). Try to do the most basic rotation, see where you end up. Then use the % difference to estimate your dps on a perfect rotation.

Karuul Alert

Import all alerts to track debuffs and buffs by using the following code…

Karuul Alert Code

KA::AMiG6eNq9lF1vmzAUhv9K7nqX+oNPnSsKWJpU9YJlu4pkOcZJrDJTAa2Gtv332Q6pkgpVaaZ VByFjH14/fjmHTtRaNIBhBU+NGFUHxA6ZjcquSNEs8lY0qpfKSAUZK+IooHGWRiRHZUYA2VddNrJ R6e0AhRjE7frbl7XY6EYPI9eyNf16r0SjzY5vG9EpLpZ13QPGKIGAphAk7sI2IC8fVmXlRtgHRR5 nmvZPkd+O/e7U5vlRkXN25uNh7Mfupl9UPsViZywlLIijlLIEFeHF2MYJ9fyw1QEaOVqavEKjZXi O7TQ96GoW+77Ap8jYJzK411u1EKZeFEoMe+u6kW1Xg2mNupi2sRrcavDaaXB50OCbyW2CIYyCE7d /9YOQj/2fj7h+BHtzBIdXyn1rv/F17DtlVKclP84iijk5Oh5DGEYz4NW88fPkvWyfu506IV8Owk4 ME+EKvk4ZGctpHBOUp0GJaV7cXXyKH2Jn9HbkT0IbjvDEHyIIEb6izIkrc9+hs2X+KS0anbXoR6v 90Dlz/5f/2qMkBZokV/5YXtTPd4rku121JicMBXc0TvMitveLYa32ZCz+h6L4C7Kkt2c

Thanks for reading this article, if you have any additional questions feel free to post them in the comments.