Boss Summary


Proteus has  90% damage reduction and cannot be tanked. Instead a random player will have to kite Proteus around the room, away from the raid. The tank is used to pick up all spawning adds. The Quicksilver Constructs adds must be killed quickly because they can critically hit the tank for 50K (toughness debuff).

Random players will receive a Glacial Lure debuff which makes them the target of a non killable Ice Crystal. This npc is used to freeze, and disable, immobile and untankable Tentacle adds. When you have Glacial Lure simply move behind a tentacle (not on top of it) to freeze it.

The burn phase is initiated by hooking Proteus using 6 Harpoons dropped by Hunter adds. All dps should save cooldowns for this since it removes his 90% damage reduction debuff.


Raid Setup
rift-tank-icon 1 tank (Cleric to pickup Adds)
rift-healer-icon 1 Purifier, 1 Defiler, 2 AoE healers
rift-support-icon Bard and Archon (or beastmaster)
rift-dps-icon Single target DPS, adds despawn, burst specs.


Kill Video


This fight has a few mechanics but they are interrelated. Therefore I will use combined explanation when appropriate.

Focus Single target DPS on ConstructsHunter adds, Harpoons and Burn phaseTentacles and Ice Crystals

During the encounter two types of adds will spawn that have to be pickup and tanked.  These are the Quicksilver Construct and the Planar Hunter.

The Quicksilver Construct reduces the tank’s toughness by 10 per stack per hit. This means the tank can be critically hit, in this case for 50K (!). Therefore you really do not want to have more than 1 up at the same time. Two construcs will mean cooldowns and Three is a whipe. Therefore DPS must focus (single taget) on these adds!

Note: They will not despawn in the burn phase and must be killed.

If someone suggests that you will need a lot of AoE simply do not listen, the Hunter adds will despawn during the burn phase.

The Planar hunter adds drop harpoons when killed. These harpoons should be picked up by two players (support might be a good idea).  These players should target Proteus and use the reactive ability to hook him. Now they must “tie” him by moving behind an orange pillar. When successful it will turn blue. Keep in mind that the chain can break if you run too far from the boss.

After the 6th harpoon is ready proteus is stunned and loses his 90% damage reduction buff. Every DPS should save cooldowns for this part! Use Flaring power and Orchestra and nuke Proteus with single target dps.

AoE damage is not important because the Hunter adds despawn during the burn phase.

During the fight two types of tentacles will spawn; Thrasher Stalk and Toxin Excreter. These tentacles can be frozen and disabled by kiting an Ice Crystal over them.

Thrasher Stalk:

Melee tentacle that will attack random player in range (about 15k). Spawn red bubbles that do knockback and damage.

Toxin Excreter:

Ranged tentacle that attacks a random player. Multiple tentacles can target the same player and kill them.

The Ice Crystals will spawn on Proteus and will be linked to a random player (debuff: Glacial Lure). They will start to slowly move to this player. If you stand in the crystal you will take about 14K damage per tick. Therefore it is important to avoid kiting it over the raid.

Because the Toxin Excreter tentacles are more dangerous these should be disabled first. Simply have the player with glacial lure move behind (not on) a Toxin Excreter. As soon as the Ice Crystal hits the tentacle it will be frozen.

Keep in mind that the Ice crystals despawn during the burn phase and that double freezing a tentacle means wasting an Ice Crystal. If you take too long kiting the crystals around, you will be overwhelmed by tentacles and die.

Role tips


  • Kill Quicksilver Construct with single target dps when they are up
  • Save cooldowns for Burn phase (6th harpoon)
  • Avoid  tentacles + their red bubbles
  • Kite the boss when you get the debuff
  • Kite the Crystals when you get the debuff


  • Save cooldowns for the scenario where there are 2 (or even 3) Quicksilver Constructs
  • Keep in mind that your purifier can be chosen to kite the boss, save CD’s. Ask Purifier to use his/hers cd’s first.
  • Cleric Tank preferred for easy agro.


  • Total hps needed: +- 19.500
  • Keep the tank alive during the Quicksilver constructs (cooldowns)
  • Quickly heal the raid after Tentacle Excreter damage
  • If there are a lot of tentacles up expect at least 7 players to go <50% hp
  • If you are really good with tentacles there will not be much raid damage (e.g. only 2 players are hit just use spot healing).
  • If the purifier has to kite the boss; Ask tank to use CD’s.


  • Volunteer for harpoon duty
  • Save Orchestra and Flaring power for the Burn phase (6th harpoon)



Protues keeps you informed during the fight with the following emotes:

  • Proteus fixates on %playername%. Run!
    This player has to kite Proteus around the room. If he catches up with you, you will die. Anyone standing in his hitbox you will take heavy damage (25k). If he kills a player he will gain a speed buff.
  • Proteus howls, “Your flesh fuels me.”
    Proteus has killed a player and gained a speed buff.
  • Proteus screeches, “I will not be broken!”
    Proteus is pinned down by the 6 harpoons; burn phase.
  • Proteus heaves, “The night of Draum will soon awash  over you all.”
    You have killed Proteus.
  • Proteus grins, “Endless sleep awaits.”
Karuul Alerts

You can use two Karuul Alerts during this fight; one for kiting the Ice crystal (Glacial Lure) and one for Kiting the boss (Unstoppable Rampage). The latter will also be clearly demonstrated ingame by a red cross animation.

Import Set

KA::AGFJkeNqVj8sKwjAQRX+lP6C2PipllmpFEJFSd4UwqVEDMVPyEAQ/3th2odCN3FlkJvM492j ICW+jk7aOmga5ElGB9wavAhIooVH4FKZ9lpDDUJsmLSAOLXlQHFTIi4M1OpxUp12FXCrpnkzWpG1 V38KUJD3iXilmvL0xeghjvGY4Pp8tpNkC5rMEsvQT07CWk7Ww2hzKTRGyEB/N4panL7dZ2p7PX8f e0lZhLVFFe28Gvfz8/2XiIY3zZInxDjlZBuTpF/K1W/0H9Ruf2X2o

  1. Type /kalert
  2. Select Subset 1
  3. Go to File>Import Alert
  4. Copy paste the code into the field
  5. Press import

Ps: there will be a full video guide including the kill if this written guide is verified to be accurate :).

Thanks for reading this article, if you have any additional questions feel free to post them in the comments.