Are you looking for an epic quality cloak? Or do you want the best Essences of Rift? If so then you will need Torvan Hunters at notoriety level venerated . GameplayInside shows the most effective methods to farm Torvan Hunters reputation.

Reputation required

Neutral 0
Friendly 3,000
Decorated 10,000
Honored 20,000
Revered 35,000
Glorified 60,000
Venerated 90,000
Total: 218,000

Before we can start

Make sure you are eligible for the daily quests Hunting Heralds and The Great Hunt! You can pickup these quests (and the story line that leads to them) in Tempest Bay.

rvan Hunters in Tempest Bay

World Event Bosses

Notoriety: 3750 (5250)
Time to complete: 30 minutes
Notoriety/Hour: 7500 (10.500)

World event bosses in the Level 60 zones (The Dendrome, Ashora, Steppes of Infinity) will reward the player with 3750 Torvan Hunters reputation. Patrons will receive 5250 rep (!). If you join the event from the start it can easily keep you busy for 30 minutes. However if you are able to get a rally banner from your guild or tag the event otherwise you can be done in <5 minutes.

World event boss

Strong Hold 60 (SH60)

Notoriety: 500 (420 patron)
Time to complete: 10 minutes
Notoriety / Hour: 3000 (4200 patron)

A stronghold 60 can easily be completed with a group of 5 players. All  you need is a tank, healer and some dps. Completing each SH60 will grant 500 rep. Therefore it is not a very effective way to gain rep unless you use it to complete the daily quest.

Strong Hold 62 (SH62)

Notoriety: 1400 (1920 patron)
Time to complete: 15 minutes
Notoriety / Hour: 5600 (7840 patron)

A stronghold 62 is much harder and requires a full group of 20 players. It is recommend to assign at least 4 healers. SH62 will provide 1400 rep (1960 with Patron). You should be able to complete at least 4 per hour.

Strong Holds 60 and 62 quest

Notoriety: 1250
Total notoriety with SH60: 2750 (3850)
Total notoriety with SH62: 5450 (7630)
Time to complete: 30-45 minutes

Both Strong Hold 60 and 62 count for the daily quest Stronghold Assault from Solice Tower (The Dendrome). Completing the quest requires the player to finish 3 stronghold events and will reward the player with an additional 1250 notoriety and 300 infinity stones.

Great Hunt Rifts

Notoriety: 700 (980 patron)
Time to complete: 15 minutes
Notoriety / Hour: 2800 (3920 patron)

The reputation reward of great hunt rift depends on the type of rift opened. The Great Hunt Rift rank V, referred to as GHR5, will provide 700 rep. GHR4 will provide 600 rep.

The Great Hunt (daily quest)

Complete 3 Great Hunt Rifts of any type; ? notoriety and 450 infinity stones. If you are doing GHR, make sure you have this quest!

Hunt Rifts

to do


Basically 218.000 notoriety is a long way to go. Therefore I personally recommend alternating the available options. If you happen to run across a zone event boss; tag it. If you feel like you want to do a few strongholds; do them. If you want to be done as quick as possible then get Patron and make sure you find a good Strong Hold 62 group and keep doing that for a few hours.