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Firefall has four main types of resources: raw metals, raw biomaterials, salvage, and speical components (purely drops).

These components are harvested from the activities in the world or purhcased via the market.

  • ThumpingSurface deposits, Missions ⇢ Raw Metals ⇢ Metals (refined)
  • Creature Drop ⇢ Raw Biomaterials ⇢ Biomaterials (refined)
  • Creature/Bandit/Chosen Drops, Missions ⇢ Salvage ⇢ Electronics
  • Creature/Bandit/Chosen Drop ⇢ Special Component

The refined resources, special components, and hybrid resources (which are crafted from metals, biomaterials, and electronics) are called Crafting Components. Crafting Components and Crystite are combined to craft gear that you can either equip or calldown:

  • Refined Resources, Special Components, Hybrid Resources ⇢ Crafting Components
  • Crafting Components, Crystite ⇢ Battleframe gear, Calldowns, Vehicles, Etc.

Recap on Quality

Like other MMOs, Firefall has an item quality system where:

Common (White) < Uncommon (Green) < Rare (Blue) < Epic (Purple) < Legendary (Yellow) < Legendary+ (Yellow)

Note: Legendary+ is more valuable than Legendary

This guide will abbreviate the quality system above to: C < U < R < E < L < L+


The Molecular Printer in te game FirefallMetals are refined from its raw form at the Molecular Printer. Raw Metal is primarily harvested from thumping and harvesting surface deposits. Below shows Raw Metals ⇢ Metals.

  • Iron Ore (C) ⇢ Iron Bars (C), Steel Plating (U)
  • Tungsten Ore (U) ⇢ Tungsten Bars (U), Tungsten Plating (R)
  • Titanium Ore (R) ⇢ Titanium Bars (R), Titanium Plating E)
  • Uranium Ore (E) ⇢ Uranium Rods (E), Uranium Cells (L), Uranium Cores (L+)


Biomaterials are refined from its raw from at the Molecular Printer. Raw Biomaterials is collected from creature drops. Below shows Raw Biomaterials ⇢ Biomaterials.

  • Shell Fragments (C) ⇢ Chitin Fibers (C), Bioenhanced Plastics (U)
  • Bone Fragments (U) ⇢ Carbon Powder (U), Carbon Nanotubes (R)
  • Biomass Samples (R) ⇢ Biopolymer Thread (R), Recombinant Proteins (E)
  • Crystatic Biofluids (E) ⇢ Crystatic Nucleotides (E), Nano-Virii (L+)


Salvage items with the salvage buttonSalvage is processed by opening the inventory and salvaging battleframe gear and drops. The process of salvaging also resultsin in Cysite and Research Points. Research Points are used for research at the Molecular Printer.



Battleframe Gear ⇢ Salvage

  • Levels 1-19 ⇢ Copper Wiring (C), Nanowiring (U)
  • Levels 20-29 ⇢ Semiconductors (U), Hypercore Processors (R)
  • Levels 30-39 ⇢ Crystatic Powercell (R), Plasma Capacitor (E)
  • Level 40 ⇢ Optical Coolers (E), Arc Processors (L), Quantum Bridges (L+)

Regular Drops ⇢ Salvage

  • Junk Salvage (C) ⇢ Copper Wiring (C), Nanowiring (U)
  • Circuit Salvage (U) ⇢ Semiconductors (U), Hypercore Processors (R)
  • Powercell Salvage (R) ⇢ Crystatic Powercell (R), Plasma Capacitor (E)
  • Controller Salvage (L) ⇢ Optical Coolers (E), Arc Processors (L), Quantum Bridges (L+)

Legacy Drops ⇢ Salvage

  • Half Digested Module ⇢ Copper Wiring (C), Nanowiring (U)
  • Broken Bandit Gear ⇢ Copper Wiring (C), Nanowiring (U)
  • Recovered Chosen Tech ⇢ Copper Wiring (C), Nanowiring (U)
  • Chosen Tech ⇢ ?

Special Components (Drops)

Special components are drops. Below shows the drop source ⇢ special component.

  • Bandit ⇢ Explosive Device
  • Brinewyrm ⇢ Brinewyrm Goo
  • Brontodon ⇢ Brontodon Ivory
  • Chosen ⇢ Hypercapacitor
  • Chosen, Wyrm ⇢ Space Manipulator
  • Chosen Drone ⇢ Drone Module
  • Culex ⇢ Culex Wings
  • Explosive Arhana, Ash Dragon ⇢ Fire Gland
  • Mission Reward ⇢ Stabilization Subroutines
  • Nautilius ⇢ Ink Sac
  • Terror Claw, Bane Claw ⇢ Reflective Shell
  • Toxic Arahana, Toxic Varant ⇢ Poison Gland
  • Wargrim, Rimehunter ⇢ Cornea
  • World Event Reward ⇢ Recalibrator

Resource Hybrids*

Not actually resources, but crafted components created at the Molecular Printer or purchased on the market. There are no common resource hybrids. Uncommong resources hybrids are crafted from metals, biomaterials, and salvage. Rare and higher quality resource hybrids are crafted from metals, biomaterials, salvage, and lower quality resource hybrids.

  • Metals, Biomaterials, Electronics ⇢ Uncommon Hybrid Resources
  • ‘ ‘, Low Quality Hybrid Resources ⇢ High Quality Hybrid Resources