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Ola! Looking for tips, tricks, hints about Tropico 5?

This easy guide will cover every aspect of the game. GameplayInside will provide tips on  Tropican combat, approval rating, cheap construction, getting more money, upgrading your residences and much more!


General gameplay

  •  No mission restart option in Tropico 5?
    Tropico 5 has no restart option, it just throws you back to the main menu. Make sure you save AFTER each completed mission. This allows you to return to the moment before you started the mission. Thus you can adjust the economic difficulty, political difficulty and disaster rate.
  • Tired of selecting roads in the infrastructure menu?
    Penultimo has informed me that you can press R to use the road tool.
  • Tired of finding demolish?
    Press delete to get the demolish tool!


  • Prioritizing targets
    Did you know you can actually tell your soldiers where to go? Just click crosshair above the building that is being targeted. Now you can chose “Set high priority” or “Set low priority”. Now you can either ensure everyone fights at your guard post… Or defend that factory creating that delicious Tropican rum.


  • Low approval in a new era?
    Dont forget to DEMOLISH the old service buildings. Their low service quality keeps happiness down. Destroy that Tavern and replace it with restaurants! Dont forget to destroy those old Catholic missionaries too, when you’re at it.
  • About to lose the election?
    Go to edicts>general>Martial law. All elections are postponed indefinately! You can even do this in the last month of your election period. Just beware of some uprisings.


  • Buildings expensive?
    Get a cheapskate for president and enjoy the double bonus discounts! Remember that you can level up your Dynasty in Tropico 5. A level 3 Cheapskate will lower all building cost with 10%!

More money

  • Need quick cash?
    Go to Edicts>World War>Sovereign Debts. Here you can borrow up to $30.000.
  • Import and export
    Got nothing to do with your ships? Check if a resource has both an import and export option. That way you can import it cheap and export with a profit!
  • Need quick cash in the early World War era?
    Build a textile mill, use max budget and upgrade it. Now it will earn $2188 monthly! Dont forget to add a steel mill as soon as you can.
  • Need cash in the Cold war era?
    Start with a steel mill. Research the vehicle factory, it has crazy income. With the Robotics upgrade it only requires 4 (!) workers!
  • Need income in the Modern era?
    Get a vehicle factory, apply planned economy, max budget and a foreman. Now it will make a monthly profit of 15.000!


  •  Upgrading to Housing to Apartment buildings
    Upgrade all your tenements for $55.000 too expensive? Activate the Urban Development Edict and pay only $27,500! You just saved $20.500!
  • No one wants to live in your new Apparent buildings?
    Well you could lower budgets. But that hurts the quality! Go to Edicts>World War>Mortgage Subsidies. Now the required “Well-off” has dropped to “Poor”. Also works for Modern Appartment buildings (that require rich normally). Now you dont have to lower budget!
  • Got a lot of shacks after upgrading your tenements to apartment buildings?
    Activate the tight quarters option on each appartment building to increase from 10 to 14 families.

Stuff that should be avoided

Unfortunately Tropico 5 is not a perfect game. A week after launch a lot of stuff still needs to be patched.

Upgrades that do not work

  • Church and Cathedral:  Community aid has no effect on housing quality.
  • Furniture factory: hardly makes a profit
  • Electronics factory: The upgrade that decreases workers actually increases it .
  • Pharmaceutical company: When you upgrade it to process oil it will actually generate losses on max budget.

Other stuff that does not work

  • Attacking each other in multiplayer will crash your game
  • Unable to save in multiplayer