Tropico 5 Update

We all know Tropico 5 can use a few patches! It has been 2 weeks since Tropico 5 launch and the preview patch notes have surfaced. So it looks like we can expect an update soon.

Patch Notes 1.02 preview

  • Multiplayer: Number of players in each chat room now displayed.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed several UI issues.
  • Multiplayer: Added game speed setting when creating multiplayer games.
  • Multiplayer: Chat room names are now displayed properly.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed an issue with Aircraft Carriers not working properly.
  • Multiplayer: Proper handling of players with identical names.
  • Added option to rebind camera keys.
  • Added a repair/rebuild all option for damaged/destroyed buildings.
  • Beauty and pollution now properly affect housing quality of residential buildings.
  • Rebalanced upgrades: Research Projects (College), Small Hadron Collider (Research Lab), Totally Natural (Pharmaceutical Company).
  • Rebalanced number of workers in Uranium Automated Mines.
  • Census edict now properly applies its effect on activation.
  • Fixed rare endless black screen freeze related to disasters.
  • Fixed rare freeze during combat.
  • Fixed some task chain issues.
  • Fixed missing buildings in Almanac list.
  • Fixed freezing construction office trucks.
  • Thoughts now respect gender of the citizen.
  • Improved OS version check at startup.
  • Improved GPU autodetection on startup.
  • Fixed campaign freeze on loading screen.


This Tropico 5 patch looks very promising. The multiplayer fixes are very welcome, but long overdue! After all it has not been ver stable with combat crashing the game. Unfortunately it does seem that some necessary balance tweaks are not yet covered in this patch. Think about some overpowered industries and housing quality not yet being affected by the “Community Aid” upgrade. Let’s hope they get added in patch 1.03 :).

Patch 1.02 release date?

At this time it is unknown when the Tropico 5 update will be released. I have contacted Kalypso and requested an estimate.

Source: Kapylso Media @ Kalypso Forum