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Rift Proteus Guide – Planebreaker Bastion tier 2 raid

Proteus is the second boss in the tier 2 raid Planebreaker Bastion. The boss cannot be tanked and takes 90% reduced damage unless stunned. Quicksilver Constructs need to be damaged down quickly and tentacles need to be frozen with ice crystals. Gameplayinside explains all the tactics in this guide.
iRift Grim Awakening Salvarola

Rift Grim Awakening: Salvarola guide

Kill video of Salvarola, the third boss in the Grim Awakening 10 player raid.

Rift: Triumph of the Dragon Queen raid

Triumph of the Dragon Queen is the easiest raid in Rift. It is designed for players that have gathered all "epic" loot from expert dungeons. All bosses require 400 hit (420 for 100% hit chance). This is accomplished by having 7 or 8 items with 53 hit. GameplayInside tells you all about this fun raid!