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iRift Grim Awakening Salvarola

Rift Grim Awakening: Salvarola guide

Kill video of Salvarola, the third boss in the Grim Awakening 10 player raid.
Rift Grim Awakening Magma Lord Kaliban

Rift Grim Awakening: Magma Lord Kaliban guide (updated)

Magma Lord Kaliban is the first boss in the Grim Awakening 10 player raid. This is an introduction to Tier 2 raiding in Rift. Guilds still struggling in Endless Eclipse can attempt this boss.
Rift Grim Awakening Ultane

Rift Grim Awakening: Ultane guide

Kill video of Ultane in Grim Awakening (Rift Tier 2 raid). Perfect run resulting in the Ult-imate achievement; Defeat Ultane without a player dying.