Civilization V Guide: 3 Placement – City Spacing

When you start a new game the map is small. Most new players, or even veterans, will forget about the maximum city range. Even the game will try to misinform you of optimal city placement! Cities will eventually overlap. Since you cannot move cities you are usually better off with optimal spacing! In this article Gamplayinside explains all about city spacing.
openttd creating a-ro-ro station

Upgrading to Ro-Ro station design to increase capacity and make more money – Tutorial...

Learn how to create a Roll in Roll out or Ro-Ro station for OpenTTD that will maximize your revenue and increase your profits!
How to add multiple trains on a two way track

Adding multiple trains on a two-way track system – Tutorial 1

Learn the basics of running multiple trains on just two tracks in OpenTTD! This tutorial will demonstrate how to fit 10 trains on 2 tracks. It demonstrates how to build the tracks, stations and signals. Furthermore the signal logic is explained.
OpenTTD installing the game with HD graphics

Install OpenTTD with HD graphics (32bit) and original music

This GameplayInside tutorial will demonstrate how to download and install OpenTTD, use the original soundtrack and how to upgrade to HD (32bit) graphics.