Endless Legend Guide – Faction overview

Endless Legends features many different faction. A lot of these factions have unique affinities and traits that require you to completely change your strategies and tactics. Do not expect a few unique units or building but expect completely different ways to play Endless Legend!

Cities Skylines Guide – How residential zones work

This guide attempts to explain how residential zones work in Cities Skylines. Although they are similar to the famous Simcity 4 there are certainly not identical. I will discuss zoning, upgrading your residential buildings and make a comparison between low and high density residential zones.
Tropico 5 information about the content of patch 1.02

Tropico 5 Update 1.02 patch notes preview

We all know Tropico 5 can use a few patches! It has been 2 weeks since Tropico 5 launch and preview patch notes have surfaced. Find the complete list in the article!

Civilization V Guide: 3 Placement – City Spacing

When you start a new game the map is small. Most new players, or even veterans, will forget about the maximum city range. Even the game will try to misinform you of optimal city placement! Cities will eventually overlap. Since you cannot move cities you are usually better off with optimal spacing! In this article Gamplayinside explains all about city spacing.

Tropico 5 guide: Which industries create most money?

Tropico 5 is here. As always El Presidente needs money, lots of it! GameplayInside has figured out which buildings are most effective at generating profits so El Presidente can provide for his people.

Cities Skylines Guide – How to use Industrial specialization

Cities Skylines features industrial specialization. You can have a sector focus on Oil, Ore, Forest or farming. Each of these specializations has their own tax benefits and cost. Continue reading to learn all about them from GameplayInside.

Hearts of Iron IV – Beginner’s Guide

Introduction Hearts of Iron IV is the latest Second World War simulation game from the famous grand strategy development studio Paradox Interactive. It is the...

Cities Skylines Guide – How Industries work

In Cities Skylines the industries are your main source of work for your population. Not only do your citizens need to drive to work, they also use freight trucks to import and export goods. They are one of the biggest sources for traffic issues. Your industries also interacts with commerce. By providing your stores with local goods their profits will increase and so will your tax income! Learn all about them.
tropico5 disaster videos tsunami

Tropico 5: Disaster Videos

Ola El Presidenté! Unfortunately in Tropico 5 things not always go as smooth as you might have planned. Make sure you are prepared by knowing all disaster types!
Tropico 5 Guide : Virtual Profit - Why your treasury is keeps going down.

Tropico 5 guide: How to survive the colonial era and declare independence

In Tropico 5 simply letting time pass will not unlock new buildings, edicts and constitution options. You will have to advance through the era's . ...
OpenTTD installing the game with HD graphics

Install OpenTTD with HD graphics (32bit) and original music

This GameplayInside tutorial will demonstrate how to download and install OpenTTD, use the original soundtrack and how to upgrade to HD (32bit) graphics.

Lego Batman 3 Guide – Level 2 – Breaking BATS!

In level 2 of LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham "Breaking BATS", Batman is being mind controlled and it is up to Robin and Alfred to defeat Batman without hurting him.

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