payday2-achievement-entrapmentComplete the heist with 12 bags in the default escape with the all lasers active. Unlocks the CQB Foregrip for the Falcon rifle.


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You can take :

  • Garage door open (not extremely necessary i admit) : 1 point
  • Body bag (if you feel you will need them) : 2 points
  • cake (extremely important, you can place it where you want) : 3 points
  • 1 spy camera in the vault section (if you want to be safe) : 2 points
  • keycard (if no ecm) : 2 points
  • You can also take a second spy camera instead of the keycard.

The easy way ? Procedure

If you take the big bank heist in normal difficulty, there is 2 guards in the bank and 3 guards in the vault area (without counting the camera guy)So with a cake you will be able to kill all the guards ! But you will need some luck, because a guard can spawn from the elevators during the timelock, let’s wish you will not have it!


Procedure :

There are 4 civils who are employees, they can walk into area where normal civils can’t, like management corridor, the stairwells near the garage, or even the pc area in the ground floor. those employees get those skins (you can’t miss them) : -Male Bank Manager -Female White Bank Manager -Female Black Bank Manager -Fat Old Woman (sry, but easy to describe that way)

Step 1

Kill/tie the 4 employees and kill the patroling guard(s) (the number depend where you take the cake), you can hide employees in the 2 offices in the management corridor, you can also let them in the stairwells.

Step 2

Do objectives until you activate the timelock.

Step 3

don’t forget to answer the phone, and hope there will be no guards coming from the elevator. The civilians who spawn via elevators act like employees, take them down.

Step 4

you can now enter the vault area, kill all the guards in the area (expect camera guy, and the poisonned one if there is one).

Step 5

you are free to loot the vault now, take the 12 bags to the van, be carefull with lazors, that’s all =D.

Entrapment Achievement Video

In my video, i got the badluck to get a guard in the elevator, and i nearly fail because of a camera i broke for nothing, i though the last guard was a standing one i admit :p, my bad ! But still, i get the achievement, so if you don’t get the guard in the elevator it’s 100% free run ^^

Sorry for the bad quality, but it already take 2 years to upload that^^, i hope you will still enjoy it !

Logs :

  • 0:00 to 5:40 : right computer + 4employees down + 1 guard down
  • 5:40 to 8:25 : timelock + ♥♥♥♥ this guard
  • 8:25 to 13:19 : ♥♥♥♥ this employee from elevator, can’t get him :/, i go to the safe area
  • 13:19 to 16:10 : kill two guards and hide them.
  • 16:43 : huge mistake , i though the last guard was static :/ but no
  • 17:22 : heartbeat over 9000
  • until the end : objectives + bags

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments!