Disaster Videos

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Ola El Presidenté! Unfortunately in Tropico 5 things not always go as smooth as you might have planned. Make sure you are prepared by knowing all disaster types!



If you are worried about disaster then try to use the Disaster Relieve fund edict! For a monthly fee of $350 you will get a large discount on rebuilding demolished buildings!


Oil Spill

In Tropico 4 the Oil Spill dumped a ship on your island that was bad for beauty.  In Tropico 5 the tanker actually spills out oil. It is up to you which measures are used to contain this. A vacuum ship ($1000), helicopter ($3000) or Chemical treatment (several thousands). The more expensive the option, the quicker the disaster is solved. Only El Presidente knows what is best. I recommend taking action as soon as possible to contain the disaster.


A random amount of buildings will be destroyed by the Tsunami. Some buildings will also be flooded. It is up to El Presidenté to decide if the flooded buildings should be pumped dry. Each will cost about $800. Eventually flooded buildings will dry up, the pumping cost also decrease over time.

ps. Usually more buildings are destroyed and flooded. I recorded this video with disasters on frequent but difficulty on easy so I could quickly find out all disasters.


A random number of buildings will be destroyed. There is not much El Presidente can do besides rebuilding the damage buildings. Remember that the disaster relieve edict provides a rebuild discount.


Farms will stop working and sometimes buildings will catch fire. After the drought it will rain. Unfortunately for me the drought happened at the same time as a civil uprising (because I banished a few crime lords!).


Not yet encountered!

Volcano Eruoption

Not yet encountered!

Military Invasion