Best storage options for gaming in 2014


Performance Summary

All these sub scores can be translated into a final score. Let’s find out:

Gamplayinside Storage options in 2014 pcmark 7 score

Old hard disk drive

Comparing the data we can conclude that old hard disk drive will be the slowest option. We will now compare the other options against this slow hard drive.

Modern hard disk drive

Upgrading to a modern hard disk drive will give you a 10% performance increase. If you happen to need additional storage anyway then this is a nice added bonus. However it is hard justify an upgrade just  for  the performance.

Raid 0 array

The raid 0 array shows a 21% performance gain. Keep in mind that the tested raid 0 array uses 2008 hard disk technology. Combining two newer hard disk drives will result in a higher score. I will estimate this at 2536 (+21%), which is a 33% performance gain over your old hard disk drive! Therefore Raid 0 is a viable speed upgrade. Combining two 1 TB drives will cost about €110 euro.


Next on the list is the SSHD that demonstrates a 86% improvement. Costing €103 euro the 2 TB SSHD is cheaper and quicker than the Raid 0 array. You could even get a Seagate Desktop SSHD 1 TB for just €75.  Keep in mind that the fast flash is only 8 GB so for video editing the Raid 0 array will offer superior performance.


As expected the SSD is the quickest option. On average it is 2,73 times faster  (+173%) than your old hard disk drive.  With €140 for just 250 GB storage it is hard to recommend this gaming storage. I mean Titanfall has a 50 GB installation size. Obviously SSDs are awesome, especially as boot drives (only windows on it). But you really pay for each GB. I am personally using over 600 GB on installed games, which would cost at least €300 euro on SSD storage.


So there you have it;  the SSHD provides the best balance between performance and value for money. Your favorite games will load 66% quicker and you will see an even bigger performance increase on starting your most used applications.

If you really want an awesome system I recommend a cheap 120 GB SSD (€80) for installing Windows, and an SSHD to install an almost infinite number of games.