Kalypso media has just released patch 1.03 for Tropico 5. The patch includes three new maps and six new dynasty member costumes. It also includes some minor bugfixes.

New Maps

Isla de Tucan


Dos Rios


Santa Teresa



– Added 3 new maps: Isla de Tucan, Dos Rios, Santa Teresa
– Added 6 new dynasty member costumes: Angel (female), Devil (female),
Steampunk (female), Uncle Pedro (male), Napoleon (male), Steampunk (male)
– Multiplayer: Game checks for modified user files before launch
– Fixed issue with trade route contracts expiring
– Fixed issue with performance of service buildings
– Fixed issue with rebuild construction feature not working properly
– Fixed indestructible trees left in the vicinity of a destroyed logging camp


Your game will automatically be updated through steam or the Kalypso Launcher.