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Welcome to the Cold War Era Tropico 5 Guide! This is the era of the Vehicle factory and Geological Survey. This guide includes the most profitable industries and detailed descriptions of all new edicts and technologies.

Vehicle Factory

Why? Because you will be amazed by the profits of the Vehicle Factory. They are amazing. And the best thing; they get even more amazing in the next era! Then you can apply the Robotic Assembly Line upgrade ($13.000). Reducing the number of workers to 4 instead of 10.


Geological Survey

The Geological Survey boosts your resource deposits. It will add 5000 to each Gold deposit. Meaning when extracted you earn a whopping $125.000 extra. For cheaper resources like Iron more is added. Iron will add 20.000, with Iron costing $1000 this means it will add $20.000 of value. So the Geological survey is a very smart investment.

Service Buildings

Service buildings are getting bigger and more efficient. Think Hospital (350 instead of 100) and Cathedral (400 instead of 200). Don’t forget to demolish your old service buildings because these new ones have a much higher service rating. Liberty gets boosted by the new TV station.


What else? Well there is Tourism which pretty much replaces your Plantations as job for your uneducated Tropicans. But expect large investments with a low revenue in return. Obviously you will also unlock new edicts and constitution options.

Industry profit

A few new buildings get added in the Cold War era: Furniture Factory, Pharmaceutical Company and Vehicle Factory. Let’s add them to the awesome GameplayInside Tropico 5 Guide graphs!

Tropico 5 making money in the cold war era. The best industries

Remember the World War era? In that era the Jewelry workshop provided the best income per worker, but those were college workers. Now take a look at the Vehicle factory. Not only does it provide $4099 per worker, it also employs high school employees! Obviously the Vehicle Factory is the way to go in Tropico 5.

Raw Industries

So what about raw industries? Let’s take a look…

tropico5 making money cold war era the best mines

The new Oil Refinery and Oil Well lead the charts. The Oil refinery has a few downsides though. It uses college workers and takes up valuable space on your coast. The Oil wells are pretty good, they require only high school employees and earn similarly to the Pharmaceutical company.

Checkout the next page for the new technologies!