Civilization V Guide: 2 Placement – Worst spots to build cities

In Civilization V optimal city placement is key! You might think spamming a few cities does not matter but each city you found or conquer has a big impact on your game. This gameplayinside article will show you the worst spots to build cities so you can avoid making mistakes!

Stellaris: Beginner’s Guide

Stellaris is the latest Space 4X game from the Paradox Development Studio. It is a grand strategy in a space exploration setting. If this sounds too complicated then just think of it as Civilization in space. In the end of the day your decisions will determine if your space faring empire will prosper or be conquered.
tropico5 colonial era

Tropico 5 guide: Making money in the Colonial era

Welcome El Presidente! In Tropico 5 you start in the Colonial Era. Your money making options are limited but diverse! GameplayInside demonstrates all relevant buildings.

Use multiple Teamspeak 3 clients

Did you ever wish you could use one Teamspeak client for your close friends, and another for your gaming buddies? If you follow this guide you will be able to start Teamspeak 3 twice!
rift cleric purifier guide

Cleric Healing Purifier: Blaze and Flame build

The purifier soul is one of the most awesome heal specs. Instead of just responding to damage you can learn to prevent it by timing your absorbs. When your gear is good enough you can run Expert Dungeons without the party ever taking damage. There are many talent builds out there but this Blaze and Flame build is my absolute favorite!

Hearts of Iron IV – Beginner’s Guide

Introduction Hearts of Iron IV is the latest Second World War simulation game from the famous grand strategy development studio Paradox Interactive. It is the...

Lego Batman 3 Walkthrough – Level 1 – Pursuers in the Sewers

LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Walkthrough for the first level called "Pursuers in the Sewers". In this level you will attempt to defeat a boss called Killer Croc.

The Crew Guide – Best Starting Car

New to the Crew? Unsure about what car you should purchase first? Do not worry! GameplayInside has tested all starting cars…

Pocket League Story 2 starter Guide

Pocket League Story 2 is a free android game about managing a virtual soccer team. Although the soccer matches are shown visually, this really is a strategic management game The game does not properly explain all mechanics. GameplayInside is here to help you out!

Gaming storage shootout 2015: SSD, HDD or Raid 0 which is best?

Lately we have seen games increasing their size up to 65GB. SSD’s are still too small to store all your games at a reasonable cost. The most common solution seems to use an SSD for your OS and a “slow” hard drive to store most of your games. However there is another alternative that seems to have been forgotten and it is called raid 0.

The Crew Guide – How to make money in The Crew (Updated)

Is earning $1.000.000 for the fastests cars in The Crew taking too long? You can actually do it in a few hours, as long as you know how!

Cities Skylines Guide – Electricity and the best power plants?

Cities Skylines offers different methods to produce electricity. The further you progress the more you unlock! You can construct water based Wind Turbine's, Oil power plants, Solar Power plants and even Nuclear Power plants. How do these work and which should you choose to power your city?

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